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How to rock your product photography?

How to rock your_ product photography? abedcu Day 1 No conversion leads for a few days Day 5 Instant purchase of the products Well! I had been spending sleepless nights for not getting enough leads. However the right product photography skills has evoked strong emotion from my product pictures to grab the attention of my customers My Top Ten Stunning Product Photography Secrets Here you go.. Camera.action.products Fortunately DSLR cameras are affordable these days to get you the stunning pictures of your products Tripod assures the steadiest hand To eliminate motion blur from the images tripod is the ultimate solution. Clicking the SHOOT button in tripod reduce the possibility of having blurred images Lighting is the number 1 key to great shots Lighting the backdrop and not just the product improves the quality of the photography. The lighted backdrop allow Mind the background less time to be used in editing the final images A good background is key to the visual attention on the products and not on the background. The better the background, the better the chance of getting your items featured and more likely people who find your store will browse your products. Props can make a difference Relevant props and not just using props for the sake of it can enhance the overall impression of the image Try angles One of the best ways to both answers the customer's questions and keep them eyeing on your items is by providing shots from multiple perspectives. Go for unusual point of views and tell your product story Wide aperture Aperture specified by an 'f-number is the opening that lets light into the camera and make the photos look richer and more professional Set white balance manually Daylight, room lights or fluorescent lights-all have different temperature and can cast different tinges on the object photographed. Manually handling the white balance is a process to AWB remove colour cast. Sense of scale Include items in the image that people are familiar with and thus give it a sense of scale Diffusion actually works The act of spreading lights from your light source reduces strong shadows and hotspots. Think of the diffuser as the clouds in the sky that scatters light and make it softer and larger. AMANDA MADDOX PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY 0207 096 0256 000G

How to rock your product photography?

shared by Dsmith123 on Feb 10
The USPs of your products comes alive with some stunning product photographs. The razor sharp techniques merged with gorgeous creativity and an eye to detail used in the genus of photography ensure a...


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