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How to Relocate Your Office

How and When to Relocate Your Company | Business | Office Whatever size your business... .moving to new premises can be both an exciting and challenging undertaking. Knowing what's best for your business and how to begin the process can feel like an insurmountable task. 31% of business owners find moving premises the most stressful undertaking. (31% of business owners said this). Second only to hiring new staff. £40k is the average additional cost of moving. Actual moving costs, upgrading, disruption to business is around £40k over 5 years. 78% of small to medium businesses delay moving to avoid the stress, meaning they stay in often 'cramped, dilapidated, expensive or inefficient buildings'. So, let's get some things straight first... Should I move my business? Clients Pros / Cons X Disruption or change could also interfere with Being too far from your current (or prospective clients) can affect your business. Move closer to client or customer relationships. where the pulse is. Costs Pros / Cons X Look around to The moving process itself will incur costs that see if you're getting value for money at your current location your business will need to cover. even down the Also consider the road could be downtime factor. cheaper. Growth Pros / Cons X At some point you might simply outgrow your current premises. You might need space for more staff, extra products or both. Are you using your current space effectively? Is an internal reshuffle of people and furniture enough to get by. Staff Pros Cons X If you relocate to a different area, If your premises aren't desirable, recruiting the right people can be tricky. A change in location might some employees might find it difficult to move with you. This could result in make all the difference. losing skilled staff. Stress Pros Cons X Sometimes moving your business can be One of the biggest reasons to avoid an office or simply about improving your working environment. business move is the stress it causes to managers and staff alike. When's the right time to move? JUNE 2 Near the end Financial situation of your lease Unless things are completely unmanageable at your current location, it's best to wait until the end of Only move once you have available budget to cover all the costs - wait until your business is in a good financial situation. your lease to move. 4 During the slump Five year plan If you've got the flexibility, schedule your move for your quietest month of the year. When it looks like you're going to reach or exceed your workplace capacity within five years. The key to a successful business move. Planning The more you plan, the better. Think about everything you need to move and do. Consider staff as well as clients/customers. Plan out how you'll make the move easier for them too. TOP TIP Let some of your staff help design the new office space. Communication Start discussing the move with everyone involved as soon as possible. This helps everyone get used to the idea and allows them to contribute and embrace the change. ТОР TIP Keep clients in the loop via your website, email, social media and update stationery. Organisation A successful move requires an organised approach. ТОР TIP Create a timeline of all the essential stages of the move. Delegation Share the load so everyone has their own areas of responsibility. This will help make the mammoth task of moving manageable. TOP TIP Choose a methodical member of staff to head up the moving process. MOVE Picking the right place. So you've decided it's definitely the right time, and you've got your eye on a few potential locations, but what do your employees need/want from a new place? What do employees value from an office environment? 45% ..of office workers would like more views of greenery and nature .felt they didn't have enough informal (d40% spaces in their office ...need an escape from working in the same place 51% How much office space do I need? To give workers a generous amount of personal workspace, allow for 95 sq feet per person. 95 sq ft Allow 200 sq feet for a breakout area. 200 sq ft Location, location, location... Transport Links Ensure workers are able to commute easily, being close to train stations, bus terminals, tram stops and cycle links are all beneficial. Not to mention on-site parking for those who drive to work. Accessibility If you have employees or clients that have disabilities or impairments, or are older, consider access to the building - climbing 5 flights of stairs may not be suitable for everyone.. Local Amenities A nice modern office doesn't always cut it - workers like to escape from the office, and walk to a shop to buy lunch, or pop out to the post office or pharmacy in their break. Access to these is a big advantage. SHOP Internet Most companies need some form of internet access, even if it is just to check emails now and again. The majority require a decent speed for things to run smoothly - so double check this. A new start. Company culture A new office is a new start, and a good time to think about adopting some of the company culture that makes these companies the best places in the world to work at. Voted best 1. Facebook company to work for 2. O, Bain and Company 3. BCG Boston Consulting Group 4. In-and-Out Burger N-N- ouT 5. Google Things to consider implementing. FREE, healthy food Flexible schedules: a chance to improve work/life balance Generous maternity and paternity leave Private Healthcare Profit sharing You're all set. Using these tips you'll have made an informed decision, and hopefully your move will benefit your business and the people that work for you - the sky's the limit now! Brought to you by: Sources premierworkplaceservic

How to Relocate Your Office

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There comes a time in any business owner's life when you are faced with the question of moving your premises. This can be for any number of reasons, the current space is too small, too expensive, too ...


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