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How to prevent employee theft

How to prevent Employee theft EMPHASIZE GOOD RECORD KEEPING HIRE SECURITY GUARDS The cashier stealing occasionally at the till, or Security guards in Orange county have reported the factory worker who clocks in a little early, and clocks out a little late, both are players of this phenomenon consistently. and it is not going away any time soon. What's the simplest way to the same game. And they both can be thwarted by a simple solution: Keeping better records. about adopting prevent people stealing when no one is watching them? Have someone watching them at all times! No matter how many different policies and Getting serious stringent record keeping policy will not only more safeguards you implement, loopholes will always heavily cut down on employee theft, but also be found. Hiring a professional security firm covers have other benefits down the line. some of those bases, and helps you manage loss prevention. INSTALL SURVEILLANCE LIMIT ACCESS EQUIPMENT When everyone in the organisation has access to all the areas, it can be difficult to determine Even the best of security guards cannot be the extent of their movements. Instead, zone everywhere at once. You know what can? out areas and only allow authorised personnel Cameras! CCTV cameras can be installed to enter areas they are required to by the jobs. This will make sure everyone goes only where discreetly for universal coverage of the warehouse and sales floor, and with the they are supposed to be. and prevent addition of recording equipment can go opportunistic theft. back in the past to view crimes that have already taken place. This makes them an invaluable tool in the fight against thievery. www.MYSECURITYGUARDS.COM

How to prevent employee theft

shared by cityguardla10 on Jul 09
Making sure that the employee stays safe from theft is the biggest thing for an organization because a companies future depends on it. So, here check this out how you can prevent employee theft.


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