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How Online Reviews Have Changed the Hotel Industry

o00 HOTEL INDUSTRY НОTEL With the popularity and reach of online review platforms growing rapidly, the hotel industry is under increasing pressure to maintain a flawless online reputation. We take a look at how hotels should react to online reviews. The Rise of the Online Review 85% of travellers claim reviews 95% of travellers 78% help them feel more confident in their decisions. trust online read up to 10 reviews. reviews. 0000 Roughly 50% of global travellers do not book a room until they've read peer reviews online. 80% say hotel reviews meet their Fake reviews are on the rise, with expectations based on reviews, 15% think hotel exceed expectations and 5% claim the hotel is not good as the reviews implied. over 10% of reviews thought to be fake in 2014. E========E====================================EE The Inportance of Reaponding to Reviews НОTEL 71% believe that management responses are important. 87% of potential customers believe that an appropriate management response to a bad review improves their impression of the hotel. 62% think that seeing the hotel's response to reviews influenced them positively to booking at that hotel. Hotels can expect to increase Over 50% of hotels now respond to 68% say that they would choose a hotel with management responses over a competitor without. their reviews by 147% just by responding. In addition, with more reviews, a single negative review carries less weight. their reviews, up from only 7% five years ago. 70% believe that an aggressive/defensive management response to a bad review makes them less likely to book that hotel. **** **** How Hotels Should Respond to Reviews 66 People are not looking for perfection online. What they're really looking for is humanity and a genuine response, so a negative review can be a great opportunity to respond in a positive and transparent manner. And that has a good impact on all your customers. 99 Shama Kabani, Author and CEO of The Marketing Zen Group Reapond quickly A timely response is expected and appreciated. It shows you are attentive and receptive to feedback, and it leaves a lasting impression. 2 Keep the tone protessional, whatever the concern Whether the review is critical or glowing, your reply should always be polite and professional. 3 Thank you! Thank the person lby name Even if the review is negative, you should thank the guest personally for taking the time to give feedback. Apologize for the guest's poor experience Remember, an apology is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing. You should always express sympathy that his r her experience fell short of expectation. Sorry! Create original response Customers appreciate a tailored response unique to them. Responding with a template will not be appreciated by the person you are responding to, or by the thousands of other people who will be reading your response. 6. Highlight poritive changer and updates If you've addressed a situation that has generated comments from customers, it's important to state that you've taken their feedback seriously and made improvements. 7 Show gratitude Thanks Gratitude builds goodwill. Management responses are great opportunities to tell guests that you are thankful for their positive comments, as well as their constructive feedback. Be careful of individual privacy Password: ***** As a general point, ensure that your responses never contain personal information about a guest. Consider following up If you do have the guest's contact information, it's a good idea to send them a personal email to express your apologies and offer compensation if appropriate. Encouraging Guests to Leave Reviews The guest having an amazing stay in your hotel does not ensure that they will leave a review. There are certain tricks you can use to encourage a guest to leave a review. GIVE OPTION TO LEAVE REVIEW USING THE TV **** With more hotels giving guests the option to check-out from their rooms using the television, allow this to be an opportunity to tactfully ask the guest to leave a review. Having the guest leave a review before confirming check-out will increase the likelihood of him or her writing a review. MAKE IPAD ACCESSIBLE DURING CHECK-OUT Upon departure make it convenient for guests to leave a review. When a guest is **** leaving your hotel have an iPad at the front desk, as this will provide a quick and easy way for a guest to add their review. CREATE CUSTOM WI-FI HOMEPAGE Build a custom homepage from your hotel Wi-Fi that directs users to post a review on popular review sites. GIVE GUESTS COMPLIMENTARY POSTCARD/SOUVENIR Hello AUTUMN V Leave your guests with a personal touch by offering a complimentary postcard that would act like a memorable souvenir. V Along with this postcard, kindly ask the guest to leave a review. REWARD GUESTS To show your appreciation, hotels should offer a giveaway for all those who have left a review. V Rewarding those guests who have left a review will encourage, not only returning guests to leave a review, but also future guests. REFERENCES www.revin: .com/blog/2014/09//how-to-respond-to-negative-hotel-reviews/ MERVAL •...

How Online Reviews Have Changed the Hotel Industry

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This info-graphic about how online reviews have changed the hotel Industry . Hotels now need to ensure they have a flawless online reputation. • 85% of travellers read up to 10 reviews. • 78 of t...


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