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How to Negotiate a Discount on Anything

Business/ 0010 HOW TO GET A DISCOUNT ON ALMOST ANYTHING of From the High Street to buying houses it is always worth asking for a discount on anything – the worst that can happen is they say “No". Evidence suggests that even the largest companies are willing to give discounts when asked. Below are some handy tips for getting the most for your money. пп TIPS FOR MARKETS Haggling is a long-embraced tradition rooted in the Middle East. It's an art form that can be fun and should be enjoyed. •3 BARGAINS ARE USUALLY BUY IN BIGGER QUANTITIES TO GET A KNOCK DOWN IN PRICE CASH IS STILL KING FOUND TOWARD THE IN THE MARKET END OF THE MARKET ?! HAVE FUN! AST YO EXPECT TO BE INITIALLY IT'S FORTH BATTLE BETWEEN YOU THE AN VERB AND KNOW THE LOCAL VALUE OF WHAT YOU ARE BUYING CHARGED 50-100% MORE AND THE VENDOR AND IT THAN THE PRODUCT IS WORTH SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH ANTIQUE REDUCTIONS The bottom line is: dealers expect people to negotiate. So just go for it, but stay cool. IT NEVER HURTS TO BE DON'T ACT OVERJOYED DON'T START HAGGLING IF FRIENDLY. ENGAGE THE SELLER IN CONVERSATION SO YOU CAN FORM A RELATIONSHIP WHEN YOU SPOT SOMETHING YOU AREN'T SERIOUS ABOUT THAT YOU MUST HAVE MAKING A PURCHASE SWITCHING PROVIDERS? Research indicates that you could save an average of £291 by haggling over these three services, plus a further £138 by questioning the price of your car insurance, home insurance and broadband contract renewals. 83% 81% 83% OF THOSE WHO HAGGLED OF HAGGLES WERE SUCCESSFUL AT IN-STORE DID THE SAME WITH OVER THEIR MOBILE PHONE THEIR CAR BREAKDOWN CONTRACT GOT A BETTER DEAL TRAVEL AGENTS Statistics from Which? Survey TOP TIPS Often the key to a successful haggle is being able to prove that the item or service is Be polite and understanding Make it clear you're a serious buyer Show that you're flexible on price (HEAPER ELSEWHERE Don't be afraid to walk away Sales people will want to give discounts to clients because they often get paid a commission based on how much they sell. CHARLES DUHIGG, NEW YORK TIMES (BUSINESS) DISCOUNTS ON ELECTRICALS The price is massively negotiable on electricals. With the right tactic you can slash £100s off the price. £=£ ALWAYS ASK FOR LOOK FOR EXTRAS THEY CAN MANY HIGH-STREET RETAILERS THROWN IN: SCART LEADS, CABLES, BATTERIES WILL PRICE-MATCH INTERNET FREE DELIVERY PRICES WHEN PUSHED kelkoo shopping PriceRunner WATCH OUT FOR OBSOLETE IF IT'S THE LAST ONE LEFT, USE PRICE COMPARISON OFFER TO "HELP THEM PRODUCTS, SUCH AS OLD DVD PLAYERS AND CAMERAS, SITES SUCH AS CLEAR THEIR SHELVES KELKOO AND PRICERUNNER USURPED BY NEWER MODELS FOR RESTOCKING" (UTTING PRICE ON TRADES Don't ask a tradesman in for a quote without doing your research. Um... KNOW HOW MUCH THE JOB REMEMBER: THEY ARE WORKING ONCE YOU HAVE NEGOTIATED A IS LIKELY TO COST AND FOR YOU. BE POLITE AND PRICE, GET THEM TO WRITE IT HAVE A VERY CLEAR IDEA FRIENDLY, BUT MAKE IT CLEAR DOWN IN A CONTRACT OF WHAT YOU WANT YOU KNOW YOUR OWN MIND WARNING YOUR BUILDER MAY OFFER TO DO THE JOB FOR A "CASH" ASK FOR A BREAKDOWN OF THE OFFER TO DO SOME OF THE PRICE. DON'T BE TEMPTED. YOU EXACT MATERIAL COSTS AND WORK YOURSELF - THEY MAY WILL HAVE NO CONTRACT, NO RECEIPT AND NO COMEBACK IF NOT BE RECEPTIVE, BUT IT IS WORTH ASKING SEE IF THEY CAN BE REDUCED BY BUYING THEM YOURSELF ANYTHING SHOULD GO WRONG EVEN ON THE HIGHSTRET? Yes! In a poll conducted to find which shops the hagglers has most success in, results showed over 50% success rates in some big name chains. Often the discounts are secured on big price items, but it has been known, even on clothing and cosmetics when buying in bulk. ToP 1o HIGH STREET STORES TO HAGGLE IN WHAT'S THE WORST HAGGLING SUCCESS RATE THAT CAN HAPPEN? HOMEBASE 73% CURRYS/PC WORLD 71% THEY CAN ONLY SAY "NO" B&Q 70% JOHN LEWIS 61% WICKES 61% TK MAXX 60% REMEMBER TESCO 57% AGGRESSIVE OR FORCEFUL DEBENHAMS 54% HAGGLING IS USUALLY A MISTAKE SAINSBURY'S 52% AIM FOR POLITE, FIRM, ASDA 51% NON-COMBATIVE AND MAYBE JUST A TOUCH FLIRTATIOUS 4,274 people were polled - only retailers where at least 100 people attempted to haggle are included. Figures are rounded. 64 O Haggling isn't reserved for backstreet bazaars, it's alive and kicking on British high streets. wwW.MONEYSAVINGEXPERT.COM DEALS ON WHEELS 6 out of every 10 negotiations on automoblies results in a sucessful discount. The average buyer* is shaving over £900 off the price of a new or used car! *Auto Trader Owners' Guide research TRY END OF MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER OR DECEMBER MANY DEALERS EARN BONUSES BE CLEAR WHAT MODEL OF GET QUOTES FROM ONLINE CAR BROKERS FOR THE MODEL AND BASED ON QUARTERLY SALES. CAR YOU WANT TO BUY, AS THEY CAN BE KEENER TO SELL WELL AS THE OTHER FEATURES PRINT OUT THE BEST ONES TO FOR A LOWER PRICE TOWARD YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SHOW THE SALESPERSON THE END OF EACH QUARTER FOR SALE SOLD PROPERTY ADVICE In the first quarter of 2014 there was an average of 12 buyers for every property, according to mortgage broker Countrywide. That's a lot of people looking for a good deal on the property you're eyeing up! IF YOU'RE NOT IN A CHAIN, THEN TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE. BE PREPARED TO NEGOTIATE MONEY SPENT ON A SURVEY BECAUSE FEW SELLERS COULD SAVE YOU THOUSANDS EXPECT THE ASKING PRICE USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE BY PROVIDING AMMUNITION FOR AS THE FIRST OFFER WHEN NEGOTIATING PRICE NEGOTIATINGA PRICE REDUCTION (HE(KLIST FOR HAGGLING Remember: some Know the true value industries/cultures of the product expect to be haggled Always be prepared to walk away from the deal Be friendly and polite Look for salespeople working on commission Don't insult the seller by being too greedy Enjoy the haggling process Buy in bulk if possible to get the best discounts Don't be afraid to If you can't get money off, look for the extras ask for a discount wherever you are G The Gap Partnership HOW TO GET A DISCOUNT ON ALMOST ANYTHING THEGAPPARTNERSHIP.COM ШИ

How to Negotiate a Discount on Anything

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Whether you're buying a sandwich or buying a house - there's always the feeling that you could get this a little cheaper. This infographic digs into the major areas of business where we can save mone...


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