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How To Nail Your Entry-Level Job Search

HOW TO STAND OUT DURING YOUR entry-leve l JOB SEARCH Competition is fierce when it comes to the entry-level job search, but there are a number of surefire ways to catch the eye of employers. It's Never Too Late To Intern Internships are a great way to gain experience and get your foot in the door to an entry-level position 69% of companies with 100+ employees offered full-time jobs to their interns in 2012 6.6%. of students completed their first internship after they graduated Go The Freelancing Route Showcase your entrepreneurial nature to employers by taking on freelance work In the past year, there's been a 105% increase in recent graduates registering as freelancers or micro-business owners 2007 2010 2013 In 2012, companies hired 36% more freelancers than in years past Do Your Part As A Volunteer Volunteering will not only help you gain valuable connections, but also the attention of employers About 81% of hiring managers felt that volunteer work makes graduates more attractive job candidates More than 70% of Millennials surveyed said they have raised money on behalf of nonprofits Head Back For Your Master's Degree Furthering your education will expand your skillset and increase your chances of getting hired 22222 Nearly 40% of college grads opt to pursue an advanced degree within 5 years of finishing their undergraduate education Bachelor's Master's $48K $62K average salary average salary 5% 3% unemployment rate unemployment rate Push Your Skillset In A New Direction Gaining new, in-demand skills will put you ahead of the competition for entry-level jobs Top skills at most in-demand jobs: Complex problem solving Computers and electronics $4 Operations and systems analysis Sales and marketing Leverage Your Social Media Presence Building your personal brand via social media can help win the attention of employers 1 in 6 job seekers credit social media for their current job 98% of recruiters used social media for sourcing quality hires in 2012 Expand Your Network Upping your networking ante could help you land your entry-level position 31% 2x 40% of job seekers say a referral from professional or personal contacts got them their current job more likely that referred candidates will be hired, as likely that referred candidates will get interviews compared to other candidates Nab A Mentor Mentors aren't just great sounding boards, they may also help you get hired 45% of mentors helped plan career moves of mentors publicly supported or 32% endorsed mentee for a promotion Perfect Your Resume Create a flawless resume to ensure you aren't getting passed over 250 5-7 average number of resumes received for seconds is the average time spent looking each job position at a resume Interview Like A Pro Expert preparation will help you stand out to employers during the interview process 66% 47% of employers believe interview performance and relevant work of interviewers said little to no company knowledge is the most common interview mistake experience are the top factors in hiring decisions Put these tactics into play to stand out and land an entry-level job! Brought to you by IM InternMatch Find your focus SOURCES way-to-a-job-in-2013/ grads_n_3726177.html articles/2013/01/02/10-colleges-that-lead-to-grad-school a-job-in-2013/ JobSeeker_FINAL_2012.pdf success/ your-cv/ design by EXPERIENCE/PERFORMANCE NO KNOWLEDGE

How To Nail Your Entry-Level Job Search

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There’s no magic formula for catching the attention of every employer, but there are several ways you can gain an edge during your job search.


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