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How Much Time, Money Do SMBs Spend on Social Media?

HOW MUCH DO SMALL BUSINESSES SPEND ON SOCIAL MEDIA? 43% 25% SPEND6-10 HOURS/WEEK ON SOCIAL MEDIA SPEND 6 OR MORE HOURS/ WEEK ON SOCIAL MEDIA 11% SPEND11-20 O HRS/WEEK 7% SPEND 21+ HRS/WEEK VerticalResponse CEOS/OWNERS/PROPRIETORS SPEND: 63% 23% 8.5% 5.5% Hours/Week 1-5 6-10 11-20 20+ 1/3 of CEOS/owners/proprietors want to spend less time on social media "My posts and tweets are little messages that tap my clients on the shoulder and remind them to get back in the game." - JOHNNY SHELBY,OWNER, THIRD COAST TRAINING 66% of small businesses are spending more time on social media, compared to a year ago FACEBOOK IS STILL KING PINTEREST & G0OGLE+, NOT SO MUCH) 90% of small businesses are on Facebook. Nearly 70% are on Twitter. POST TO FACEBOOK TWEET ON TWITTER Never (do not use) 14% 15% 7% 8% 1-3 times a month 10% 31% Once a week 12% 17% Several times a week 9% Once a day 21% 34% 21% Several times a day POST TO LINKEDIN POST TO GOOGLE+ PIN ON PINTEREST, 2% 4% 3% 9% 5% 13% 5% 6% 50% 14% 68% 12% 71% 27% Several times a day Once a week Never (do not use) Once a day to several times a week Once to a few times a month 55% OF SMALL BUSINESSES HAVE A BLOG 45% SPEND 1-3 HOURS TO 0/ CREATE A BLOG POST 16% SPEND MORE THAN 3 HOURS TO CREATE A BLOG POST OPEN "Although I was pretty familiar with social media on a personal level, it's different when you're using it for business. There's more pressure to do it right, to do it regularly and to do it strategically." - VIOLET TREMBLAY, OWNER, PAINTING AND PINOT VerticalResponse FINDING SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT TAKES THE MOST TIME Learning & Education Scoping Out Responding Finding & Posting Content Analyzing Efforts the Competition to Questions MOST TIME- CONSUMING LEAST TIME- CONSUMING SOCIAL MEDIA BUDGETS ARE ON THE RISE The number of small businesses that have AA those that have decreased their budget increased their social media budget, versus In comparison, only 2x the number of small businesses have increased their overall marketing budgets. Vsponsé erticalRes SMALL BUSINESSES RELY ON TOOLS TO PUBLISH & ANALYZE THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA 36% 57.5% pay for publishing/analytics tools spend $26 or more per month SURVEY CONDUCTEDBY: Vertical. Results are based on an online survey of 462 businesses (93 percent with less than 100 employees). The survey was conducted between Sept. 17, 2012 and Oct. 5, 2012. Approximately 43 percent of respondents were owners/ proprietors/CEOS of their companies. MerticalResponse Email + Social Marketing Try VerticalResponse for free at

How Much Time, Money Do SMBs Spend on Social Media?

shared by volacci on Nov 16
We just wrapped up a survey asking almost 500 of our small business customers how much time and money they spend on social media (if you participated, thank you!). We asked how many hours small busine...


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