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How Much to Insure These Famous Homes?

HOW MUCH TO INSURE THESE FAMOUS HOMES? Ever wondered what Mr Darcy pays for his home insurance, or how much Spongebob shells out each year on pineapple cover? Well wonder no more! From luxury listed manors and magical towers to high-tech eco homes and welcoming hobbit holes, Adrian Flux estimates what it costs to insure some of the world's most famous fictional houses. DOWNTON ABBEY High value contents, public liability, listed building If any house was ever in need of a high value insurance policy, Downton Abbey certainly must be. Decked floor to ceiling with the finest paintings, sculptures and antiques that money can buy, the Earl is going to have to splash a small fortune on contents insurance alone - not to mention liability cover for all those servants toiling below deck. A spot of tea might be in order after the family sets their eyes on this bill. E298,000 221B BAKER STREET Dangerous profession, previous claims, contents only When he's not travelling the world to solve crime or foil the schemes of Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes, London's greatest detective, can be found ruminating in his Baker Street flat. Living with his friend Watson and renting from Mrs Hudson, Holmes has no buildings insurance to pay for, but his collection of antiquities and a spate of previous break-ins and firearms incidents will doubtless push his contents cover up. E504 TUBBYTRONIC SUPERDOME Unusual construction, eco home, high-value contents Built underground and packed full of futuristic home gadgets, the Tellytubby's Tubbytronic Superdome (yeah, we didn't know it was called that either!) ticks all the boxes for non-standard home insurance. As a subterranean eco house containing all manner of high-value items - not least the irreplaceable Noo-noo - it'll take a mountain of Tubby Toast to pay this premium. E450 THE BURROW Business use, accidental damage, unsafe construction The Weasley's dilapidated seven-storey Devon house is a marvel of magical engineering, held together by wizardry alone - and if that's not non-standard, we don't know what is. As acting- headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix and a vital target for Voldemort and his Death Eaters, The Burrow will definitely need a low excess, and accidental damage is almost guaranteed. E745 62 WEST WALLABY STREET Business use, extensive workshop, assisted living adaptations Wallace and Gromit's 2-bed semi in Wigan might seem pretty standard from the outside, but things are slightly more chaotic within. From automated breakfast makers and mechanical dogs, to malevolent penguin lodgers and runaway trousers - the harebrained contraptions that Wallace builds, and the trouble they attract, are sure to bump up the duo's insurance. E267 BAG END Eco home, unoccupied for over 30 days, high-value jewellery A non-standard underground eco-home left empty for months on end and containing one of the most precious and powerful pieces of jewellery in all of Middle Earth, Bag End is undoubtedly an insurance nightmare. Nearby trolls, wraiths, goblins and wizards add to Bilbo's housekeeping woes, whilst parties of rowdy dwarves make accidental damage cover or E1,025 an absolute must. PEMBERLEY HOUSE Listed building, high-value contents, public liability insurance "Oh, Mr Darcy! What a wonderful home you have!" Sprawling grounds, pristine gardens and nearly 400 rooms dripping with Regency opulence make Pemberley House one of the finest and most expensive homes going. A listed building policy and high-value contents cover are essential, as well as liability and accidental damage insurance for all of Mr Darcy's staff and his many wealthy guests. E74,000 1 CORONATION STREET Ex-convict resident, unsafe area, previous claims Long-time Corrie resident Ken Barlow has owned his 3-bed terrace since 1995, enjoying E1,348 all the excitement and drama that comes with living next door to the Rovers Return pub. The constant threat of theft, fire, accidental damage and tram derailments means that Ken should consider a low excess, whilst harbouring his murderous daughter Tracy is sure to cost him dearly too. 742 EVERGREEN TERRACE Accidental damage, many previous claims, unsafe area Built in the shadow of a laughably unsafe nuclear power plant, on the banks of a sewage-filled river and in the centre of a disaster-ridden town, the Simpson family home is a magnet for destruction. The location of the house means that it's at constant risk, whilst the endless list of previous claims and the likelihood of even more to come will put their premium way above average. E731 124 CONCH STREET Flood risk, unusual construction, previous damage He might live in a pineapple under the sea, but even Spongebob isn't immune to the stresses of home ownership. Aside from being completely submerged beneath the waves, far beyond a simple flood risk, the pineapple has suffered a huge range of accidents in the past, from bombs and fires (yeah, we don't see how that works either), all the way through to completely rotting away! Whilst Bikini Bottom seems a pretty friendly place to live, the massive risk of future claims might well burst Spongebob's bubble. E350 You might not live anywhere quite as extreme, expensive or dangerous as the homes on our list, but getting the right home insurance is vital. Adrian Flux offers specialist policies to cover any circumstances, whatever you live in, wherever it is - visit or call 0800 369 8590 to find out more and speak to our team. ADRIAN FLUX

How Much to Insure These Famous Homes?

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Adrian Flux Insurance worked out real world insurance premiums for fantastic and fantasy houses from the world of TV and film.


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