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How to Motivate Sales People

salesforce HOW TO MOTIVATE Sales People Keeping sales people motivated by recognizing success is one of the best ways to keep sales flowing. Check out the graphic below that illustrates how to recognize sales people on the job. Motivation Is Sorely Needed MONEY ISN'T THE ONLY ANSWER 100% 70% 50% 39% of workers fewer sales people of Sales Reps leave Salesforce do not feel compensation is the because of a poor relationship with their manager. are money motivated vs. 5 years ago. appreciated at work. biggest marketing cost for B2B companies. 1 Recognize The Different Types Of Sales People THERE ARE 3 TYPES OF SALES PEOPLE: Laggards 25% of Sales People Laggards need more guidance and prodding to make their numbers. Core Performers 55% of Sales People Core performers fall somewhere in the middle; they get the least atten- tion, even though they're the group most likely to move the needle-if they're given the proper incentives. Stars 20% of Sales People Stars seem to knock down any target that stands in their way-but may stop working if a ceiling is imposed. Tailor Motivation To Different Types Sales people respond to different types of incentive plans Laggards Core Performers Stars Performance Curve Quarterly bonuses No Caps On Pay Multi-tier Targets Social Pressure Sales Contests Overachievement commission rates 3. Drive Motivation with More than Money Good managers typically drive revenue growth at 4x the rate of poorly rated managers #1 Recognition Incentives Coaching Knowledge And Tools GOOD HABITS! Public Recognition Amplify Good Habits RECOGNITION Team Achievement Inspire Initiative Real-time Thanks Mult-Tier Comp Tangible Rewards Plans INCENTIVES Career Growth Team Alignment Money Shared Goals Real-time Feedback COACHING NEW HIRE Faster Onboarding 1:1 Coaching Ride Alongs Integrated with Social CRM KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS Enforce Discipline Gamified Metrics Focused #1 Employe And Always Remember... BE GENUINE Effective recognition should be inspiring. As a manager, you need to show that you truly appreciate their contributions and achievements. PERFORMANCE CHART BE SPECIFIC Show results of how they specifically helped the organization. Letting the individual know how they succeeded will reinforce that behavior. KNOW THE RIGHT TIME AND PLACE It's important to know whether a task deserves a formal public recognition, a casual announcement, an applaud during a team meeting, or a more informal praise. REMEMBER TO SMILE A happy manager-employee relationship is crucial for effective motivation, engagement and sales performance. salesforce SOURCES: 4/index. htm http://www.bos. http:/ .org/ecoo19/06 ne et5-Would-leave-their-job-for-more-recognition Шь ottr

How to Motivate Sales People

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Keeping sales people motivated is easier said than done. But when motivation is done correctly, it can have a big impact on overall sales team performance. Money is important, but other factors can'...




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