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How to Maximize Employee Wellness Participation

How to Maximize Employee Wellness Participation THE PROBLEM: Worksite wellness programs will have little impact unless employees are willing to participate. How can you convince employees and significant others to engage in effective wellness programs? EFFECTIVE WELLNESS PROGRAMS HAVE 2 PARTS' Policy + Skills Motivation Awareness REACH (High rates of program participation) IMPACT (Improves employee health) When you maximize employee participation you maximize REACH. How employees typically respond to wellness programs: 15% 50% 25% 10% Will participate with some effective only after extensive marketing Will participate Always participate in everything May never participate in wellness programs marketing 3 STEPS TO GETTING MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION YOUR WELLNESS PROGRAM COMMUNICATION MATERIALS SHOULD OFFER TO HELP SOLVE EMPLOYEE PROBLEMS. What are common employee problems? •I need help improving my health. • I don't feel good, l'd like to feel better. • I want to have a high quality life. • I need to lose weight. Employees will participate when they can see how your program will help them have better lives. What to do: All wellness program communication materials should offer solutions to common employee problems. Wellness is not about what you want. It's about what your employees want. OFFER SOMETHING OF VALUE Here are some examples of value programs can offer: Benefits-based incentives (premium discounts, paid day off) • Quick incentives for each program (gift cards, etc) Better health • Higher quality of life • Better sleep • Improved self-esteem 3 3 What can your program offer that employees will value? What to do: Identify the incentives and benefits your employees can receive when they participate. The average benefits based incentive is valued at about $55 per month or $660 per year. INCLUDE A CALL TO ACTION Once you have their attention, tell them exactly what you want them to do. This is the "call to action." Make it easy for them to participate: Join now Click Here Sign up now JoiN US What to do: Include a specific call to action with every email and program communication you create. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER 96.4% Participation 800 Here are the employee participation numbers from a regional hospital that uses all three steps in every wellness program they offer: 700 861 830 600 500 400 300 200 100 Number of Engaged Participants Number of Employees This infographic follows these same 3 steps. Can you identify where this infographic offers to Offers something of value 3 Solve a Ends with a call to action problem WellSteps See WellSteps programs in action at SOURCES: 1. Reach and Impact are the key constructs of the RE-AIM behavior change framework. Learn more at 2.

How to Maximize Employee Wellness Participation

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The infographic tells you how to maximize employee wellness participation as such programs do not have a major impact on employees unless they are ready to participate. It guides you to convince emplo...


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