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How Marketers Are Measuring Content

CONTENT MARKETING METRICS alulim HOW MARKETERS ARE MEASURING CONTENT Content marketing has seen a tremendous surge in popularity over the past two years. It has gone from an industry buzzword to an indispensible part of marketing strategies, big and small. But, how are marketers approaching and measuring their strategies? The surprising answer is that, despite acknowleding the importance of content, many marketers still have no defined strategy. POPULARITY 38% INGREASE SINCE JANUARY Number of Searches 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Popularity of Google Search Term "Content Marketing" WILL CONTENT BECOME MORE IMPORTANT? DO YOU HAVE A CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY? Survey Of In-House Marketers Survey Of In-House Marketers YES NO YES NO 9010 38-62 VS ll GOALS 52% THE BUSINESS OBJECTIVES 42% 35% 33% MOST POPULAR: ENGAGING AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT of target audience TRAFFIC to company website AWARENESS of company and brand SALES of goods or services 31% 52% 30% 22% 18% SEO link building LEADS generating more PERCEPTION of company and brand THOUGHT LEADERSHIP in industry space ll METRICS 88% WHAT MARKETERS ARE MEASURING 76% 71% 67% MOST POPULAR: UNIQUE VISITORS UNIQUE VISITORS PAGEVIEWS/ VISITOR to content TIME on a content page PAGEVIEWS pages viewed by visitor total views of content 59% 88% 53% 33% 31% SHARES on social sites BOUNCE RATE of visitors to content AD CLICKS driven by content COMMENTS made on content MARKETERS ARE MISSING KEY METRICS Marketers are focused on metrics directly related to how their audience is consuming and sharing their content. These metrics are a great way to measure how much your content interests your audience and how well it resonates with them. However, by also focusing on lead generation and sales metrics, marketers can keep content aligned with overall business goals. METRIC TYPE 1 METRIC TYPE 2 CATEGORIES FOUR TYPES OF CONTENT METRICS CONSUMPTION Consumption metrics are focused on how your audience is consuming your content. Common consumption mětrics include visitors, pageviews, and time on page. SHARING Sharing metrics are focused on how your audience is sharing your content within their social networks on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. METRIC TYPE 3 METRIC TYPE 4 ....... LEAD GENERATION SALES Lead Generation metrics are focused on how much potential business your content is creating. Lead generation metrics include conversions, referrals, and click to lead. Sales metrics are focused on the revenue that can be traced back to your content. Metrics include cost per acquisition and average revenue per acquisition. BENEFITS METRICS BENEFITS WHAT YOUR METRICS TEACH YOU CONSUMPTION How your audience is consuming your content. INTEREST Does your audience care about the topics your content is covering? SHARING How your audience is sharing your content in their social networks. RESONANCE Does your content mean enough to your audience for them to share it? •......... LEAD GENERATION How many business opportunities is your content creating. ALIGNMENT Does your content help you achieve your businéss goals? SALES How much revenue can be traced back to your content. EFFECTIVENESS Does your content help you drive revenue and add to the bottom line? For more information on how to improve your marketing, visit Pardot SOURCES an Exact

How Marketers Are Measuring Content

shared by Pardot on Oct 17
In a recent survey of over 1,000 marketing professionals, Econsultancy set out to assess the current state of content marketing strategy and how marketers are attempting to measure their results. We h...




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