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How to Market Your App Internationally

How to Market Your App INTERNATIONALLY The mobile app market is on the rise with: 179,628 million app downloads in 2015 and a projected 268,692 million in 2017 Here's a look at some important areas to consider when preparing to market your app internationally. Research which countries to target Research other apps that may be similar to yours. Make sure your app will be culturally acceptable in the countries you want to reach. Consider the following: OVERALL MARKET SIZE · APP CATEGORY What are their strengths and weaknesses? COMPETITION Find out which countries have high smartphone usage and make a list of the ones you would like to target. • LOCAL PRICING Does your app provide something/anything that the current ones don't? Localization Localization refers to adapting your mobile app to the language and cultural requirements of your target local market. Other elements that should be localized include: Instead of translating your app name from English to the local language, consider renaming your app to something that is more relevant in the local language. User Language Metadata interface (UI) Symbols & icons Time Date Colors Currency formats EVERMOTE Privacy policy Graphics & design Text For example, when Evernote expanded to China, they changed the app's name to Yinxiang Biji (Memory Note). When it comes to the design of the text areas of the app, make sure to include about 30% more space in the text areas to allow for language translations. Translation 72% The app should support all languages in the country you are targeting. of app users are not native English speakers. If your app works in English, Spanish, and Chinese, then it will cover nearly half of global app users. Hello App Annie's study found that when an app was translated to the country's native language, revenue increased by 26% and downloads increased by 120%. 50% Translating your app description and other content can: If you cannot translate your app into all the languages of a region from the start, try starting with the main language and keep adding more as the users increase. • Make it easier for users to • Make the app more trustworthy understand If your goal is to expand your customer base as much as possible, conslder translating to these languages where the markets have a greater SPANISH FRENCH GERMAN number of customers who purchase apps. KOREAN JAPANESE DUTCH If the goal is to have a lot of downloads, consider translating to: ITALIAN MANDARIN CHINESE PORTUGUESE RUSSIAN App Stores Bai du EE GET IT ON Available on the Google Play App Store STORE While Apple and Google Play are common app distributors in America, they aren't always the best options in other countries. By using the top app distributor for each target country, the app Is more likely to be a success. For example, Google Play is not available in China. Users may not go out of their way to use a different distributor just to download your app. Instead, app developers use Baidu, which is the second-largest distributor in the world. Stay Connected to Šocial Media • Integrate the app with the country's popular social media networks. • Allow users to sign in to the app through these networks. • For example, BKOHTAKTE China: Renren South Africa: MXit Russia: V Kontakte App • If users have the option to sign in through Twitter or Facebook, these should also be localized. m mxit • They may not work in all countries. Local Teams Once the app is a success in one or more countries, it may be time to consider creating a local team for those countries. Building a team internationally requires a lot of work, but can be worth it in the long run, if done right. To do this, make sure to: Localize: Hire support for: COMPANY WEBSITE COMPANY BLOG SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY LOCAL MARKETING PUBLIC RELATIONS CUSTOMER SERVICE LEGAL Apply for a local patent for your app Marketing an app around the world may seem challenging, but with the right research and preparation it can help your app become a global success. Translate By Humans We are making the world talk!

How to Market Your App Internationally

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Did you know there are more than 1.5 million mobile apps currently available for download? It's a booming industry that shows no signs of slowing down - early projections indicate that over 268 billio...


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