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How To Make A Billion In Real Estate

HOW TO MAKE A BILLION IN REAL ESTATE Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes #235 #11 #27 #94 Stephen Ross Jeff Sheldon Donald Greene Adelson Bren most PR-ed richest American wealthiest most generous philantropist billionaire RE billionaire developer in US Net Worth Net Worth Net Worth Net Worth $2.4B $28.5B $14.0B $4.8B Graduate from Borrow Become a tax attorney in 1968 and practice for 4 years college in 3 years $200 from uncle & start selling Build your first house on a $10K loan when you are 26 newspapers when you are 12. Work as a busboy, teach Hebrew school, & sell circus tickets while in Borrow $10K from Mom for living Start more and more new businesses expences college & Bschool Start Bren Co. and (maybe about 50 of them?!) keep building for the next 7 years Start The Related Companies in 1972 Save $100k & buy a triplex. Live in it. Buy 17 more houses in the next 2 Make $500M by selling one of your businesses Buy 10,000 acres to develop entire city in California Start doing real estate deals for wealthy clients utilizing knowledge about federal tax years Build casinos Accumulate $35M & lose it all during the S&L crisis. incentives and go global Sell Bren Co. for $34M and 2 years later buy it back for $22M Make $150K in the first year Start investing Lose $4B in 2008. Watch your fortune decline 93% in 2009 (from $30B to $2B) alongside John Paulson Take Invest profits in high-quality real estate Bet $500M against real estate by traiding credit-default swaps on subprime mortgage-backed bonds in 2007. Win big. all your money and buy 34% stake in a 146-year old Irvine Company No worries, shares of LVS developments are >20% up since summer 2013 Focus on "premier high-barrier-to-entry markets" and build a $15B portfolio "What I learned was that when you hold property over the long term, you are able to create better values and about fortune: "Every year I go into a mini-panic mode and I think I need to protect myself." "So I lost $25B... I started out with zero... No such thing as fear, not to an entrepreneur. Concern, yes. Fear, no." "It is not all about money, really, it is about transforming something and what you leave behind. This is a legacy." have something tangible to show for it." Sources: kk 1019realestate_slide 13.html created by: EMONET AREX Monetarex is a deal-management platform that connects commercial real estate sponsors/local operators and private equity investors. Sign up for a free account at

How To Make A Billion In Real Estate

shared by Monetarex on Feb 26
When it comes to making money in commercial real estate investing, there are many ways to do it but pretty much all of them involve a lot of hard work. This infographic was created to help you underst...


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