How to Land More Clients With Your Proposals

HOW TO Research of over 25,000 Land More Clients With Your Proposals client proposals worth $270 million dollars shows key differences between winning 25,000 and losing proposals. $270M THE BASICS PROPOSALS VS. ESTIMATES: 43% WIN 24 57% LOSE $4 Average Proposal Estimates Focus on Price Proposals are Persuasive Proposals are persuasive Estimates and quotes are created to tell a client what will documents that also include price. They're written to show clients that you understand their business and know exactly how to solve the problems they face. 35% WIN be done and how much it will cost. They keep the client 65% LOSE focused on cost instead of the value they'll receive. Average Estimate WHAT'S INSIDE A PERSUASIVE PROPOSAL? PROBLEM STATEMENT A client must believe you understand their needs. Clearly listing the problems they face, in language they can understand, builds trust and makes a client want to read about the solution. RECOMMENDED SOLUTION Recommended solutions should directly address a client's needs. The best solutions talk about the problems they're solving and use language that makes sense to clients. BENEFITS What are the specific benefits the client will receive from the solutions you've recommended? PROJECT FEES Pricing information should be easy to digest, it high level. Make sure fee items are directly tied to keep the recommended solution. CALL TO ACTION Ending with a call to action lets a client know exactly what they should do to get the project started. The best calls to action are simple and clear. TAKE ACTION MAKE THEM SHORTER: Proposals with less than 5 pages are 31% more likely to win DDDI The average winning proposal is 5 pages long DDDDDD The average losing proposal is 6 pages long Proposals < 5 pages: Proposals > 5 pages: 51% WIN 39% WIN MAKE THEM VIEWABLE ONLINE: Traditional Online Average time to accept a traditional proposal: XIX IXIX IX 29 DAYS Online proposals are accepted 60% faster Average time to accept an online proposal: Online proposals are 18% more likely to be accepted 18 DAYS SEND THEM TO CLIENTS SOONER: Winning proposals get to clients 26% faster Average winning proposal: 2.7 DAYS TO CLIENT Average losing proposal: 3.4 DAYS TO CLIENT Bidsketch Create professional client proposals in minutes with Bidsketch: 0000

How to Land More Clients With Your Proposals

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This infographic shows which things you’ll want to focus on when creating a proposal to land more clients.





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