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How to Influence Anyone Over the Phone

YOUR DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO INFLUENCING PEOPLE Over the Phone 5 Things you need to have ASTHUSADE PATIENCE BE EAGER TO DISCUSS PASSION BE READY TO LISTEN HUMOUR COUFIDENGE LOVE WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT OF BE COMFORTABLE SHARING YOUR VIEWS A SMILE IS MORE POWERFUL THANA FROWN 5 Things to do pre-call DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE? PREPARE QUESTIONS WHAT DO YOU NEED TO ASK? PREPARE ANSWERS SUMMARISE ANSWERS TO LIKELY QUESTIONS PRAÇTICE USE A VOICE RECORDER TO HEAR HOW YOU COME ACROSS VISUALISE PUT UP A PICTURE OF YOUR CALLER OR ANOTHER PERSON, IMAGINE YOU ARE TALKING TO A PERSON RATHER THAN A DISEMBODIED VOICE The secret of a relaved voice: SMILING : TALKING WITH A GRIN CREATES A HIGHER FREQUENCY IN YOUR MOUTH, IT CHANGES THE TONE OF YOUR VOICE AND PROVIDES REASSURANCE TO THE LISTENER. Record a sentence in your own style. Record the same words again but with a smile. Notice the difference? FACT: IT'S HARDER TO SAY 'NO' TO SOMETHING WHEN SMILING. ENCOURAGE YOUR LISTENER TO SMILE TO GET THE RESULTS YOU NEED. Most powerful tools of your voice PACE OLUN FONE RLART SMIL REMEMBER: Don't apologise for 'interrupting' with your call - it will make you sound like you have done something wrong. Act as if your call will be doing your listener a favour. The secret to | convincing your listener: TALK WITH YOUR BODY It's natural to use your hands as you talk and, the more you do it, the more vocal range you use. Don't be afraid to use gestures when talking on the phone. GESTURES LEAD PEOPLE CAN FACIAL EXPRESSIONS TO FACIAL HEAR THE CHANGE THEVOICE EXPRESSIONS DIFFERENCE How a message is transferred BY ACTUAL LANGUAGE 55% 38% BY THE WAY WORDS TIP: Use a headset with microphone - this will free your hands, so you can express yourself. 3 Forms of non- verbål communication that influence a caller NON-VERBAL LAUGHTER, SIGHS, AND GASPS PAUSES, STRESSES ON SMILES, FROWNS WORDS EXPRESS FACIAL TALKING Perfect your posture POSITION THE RECEIVER The mouthpiece should be about an inch away from your mouth for the most accurate sound. SIT UP STRAIGHT If you are slumped your lungs cannot fill properly and your tone of voice and volume will be affected. 3 Tips for using a |call script sucessfully AVOID THE CLICHÉS Common sales phrases will turn callers off EDIT, EDIT, EDIT If you are given a script, edit it to suit the vocabulary you would naturally use HAVE ONE, BUT DON'T READ FROM IT Reading a script will sound disingenuous, only use it beforehand to get an understanding of what to say Top 3 charateristics Lof an influential caller FRIENDLY Vocal tone is amicable, polite and engaging. SUCCINCT Sentences are short, language is simple. Message content is well structured and casy to follow. ACCURATE Message content is coherent and provides sufficient information. 3 Tips to listening over the phone DON'T INTERRUPT Hold your thoughts until there's a natural break in the conversation SHOW YOU'RE LISTENING Carry out reflective listening by using 'yes', 'hmm' and 1 see' as you listen AVOID BACKGROUND NOISE Show your caller they have full attention by avoiding background sounds like typing, rustling or radio/television |Setting the pace SPEAK TOO SLOW SPEAK TOO FAST the listener may get the listener bored or frustrated may mishear An expert caller will mirror the pace of the person they are talking to LET THE LISTENER ADJUST It takes 10-30 second to adjust to a new voice. Give your listener time to adjust before beginning with the most important part of your message. Use a friendly greeting and don't rush. voice What your about зауд you DRAWN OUT BUT EMPHATIC & HIGH-PITCHED I don't believe what I'm hearing HIGH-PITCHED I'm enthusiastic SPEED MONOTONE I'm bored SLOW & LOUD & ABRUPT LOW PITCH I want to be I'm angry and not open to discussion left alone Changing the stress of a sentance Consider the meaning of a sentence and how important the stress of words can be, APATHETIC "What would you like us to do about it?" DEFENSIVE "What would you like me to do about it?" CURIOUS "What would you like me to do about it?" |Avoid call holding NEVER place someone on hold for over 20-30 seconds without offering to call back REMEMBER it's impolite to put someone on hold without warning or explanation AVOID Ambiguity, jargon, slurs and slang Dress the part Would you be confident if the caller saw you? If not, the same lack of confidence will be projected over the phone Timing is everylhing Times to cold call: BEST WORST SUN MON TUES WEDS THURS FRI SAT 1lam 2рт 8-10am 4-5pm How to be positive EXAMPLES OF POSITIVE LANGUAGE BRILLIANT THAT'S GREAT CERTAINLY YOU'RE WELCOME THANK YOU PLEASE FANTASTIC IT'S MY PLEASURE WONDERFUL REST ASSURED OF COURSE ABSOLUTELY IMMEDIATELY IWILL FIND OUT FOR YOU IT'S NO TROUBLE Establish a rapport DO DON'T BE POLITE BE HONEST BE NEGATIVE USE THEIR NAME MAKE EXCUSE GIVE FULL ATTENTION LIE TAKE OWNERSHIP PASS THE BLAME FOLLOW UP How to close a call with style Give a verbal sign the call is ending, with a summary of discussion Check everything has been covered Thank your caller before hanging-up YOUR DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO INFLUENCING PEOPLE Over the Phone G The Gap Partnership © SENSE BY BODY WORDS SPOKEN SOUNDS VAYS OF PITCH

How to Influence Anyone Over the Phone

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The ability to influence people through a phonecall has never been more important. Whether working in sales, recruitment or generally representing your business, this infographic will give you some qu...


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