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How to Increase Office Efficiency

How to Increase Efficiency in the Office 1) Personal Teamwork & Collaboration MEETING ROOM Not only does working as part of a team help improve motivation, co-ordination and team spirit, but it can also create a synergy effect. When creative minds come together, ideas can be born that would never have been possible when working alone. Meetings about Meetings... Enough of the meetings! Is a 'daily catchup' really essential? If you're having a half an hour meeting with your team of six for half an hour a day, that's equal to. 3.5 hours lost per day 17.5 hours lost per week 885.5 hours lost per year Accountability Give employees accountability on projects or during day-to-day work. This motivates members of staff as they know that the success or failure of tasks will ultimately be in their hands. IN: OUT: Regular Training Remote Working Staff Rewards The chance to work from home is great for staff motivation; employees can catch up on any lost time and deadlines are easier to reach. This boost in happiness continues when they return to There's no greater As well as improving the knowledge of your workers, regular training motivator for most staff than money. Set tough but achievable goals and helps staff feel valued; increasing productivity as a result. reward those that hit targets with financial or other incentives. the office. 2) Techmology Dual-Screen Monitors Adding a second monitor can boost productivity by 20-30% – this means each member of staff could produce up to 75.9 more days work every year! Tests also show that bigger screens increase output significantly. Social Media Access Music Internal social media platforms can be great for aiding communication, idea sharing and recognising achievements. However, even external social media breaks Music is proven to help boost efficiency when completing repetitive tasks or looking to spark creativity. However, music (or any distraction) should never be present when learning new things. can also be great for aiding productivity - helping to clear the brain of stress. 3) Atmasphere Lighting Avoid dim lighting as this can cause drowsiness and a lack of focus. However, if the lighting is too harsh, this can cause eye strain and migraines. Opt for natural or uniform lighting for maximum employee satisfaction and efficiency. Plants Research carried out by the University of Exeter found that plants can increase well-being by 47%, creativity by 47% and productivity by 38%. Scent Smell can have a profound impact on the standard of work being carried out by employees. Lemon Peppermint Lavender Rosemary Improves memory Promotes Invigorates the mind (perfect for brainstorming) retention - as well as Reduces stress by calming nerves concentration fighting exhaustion, whilst aiding headaches and relaxation mental fatigue Temperature Attendance decreases by 19% and workers are 45% more distracted in summer months, according to a study by the Captivate Network. Keep offices cooler for higher attendances and increased productivity. Mark Zuckerberg likes to keep the Facebook offices at 15°C. This is 5-11°C lower than standard room temperatures! Sources.,,, WD Secure Document Storage Archive

How to Increase Office Efficiency

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Businesses all over the world would love to increase their efficiency; who wouldn't want to get more for their money? Interestingly, strict rules or complicated new systems aren't necessarily needed ...


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