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How to Improve Your Resume According to Science

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR RESUME ACCORDING TO SCIENCE Approaching your resume can feel like going to battle, especially with all the conflicting advice. Using the power of facts and figures, we’ve provided 18 ways to improve your resume and wow the recruiters. 18 resume tips to stand out from the rest =Before you start... = 1. 2 34 Run a job description through a cloud if you're not applying for a creative role, Format your resume in reverse Keep your resume t o one don't bother chronological order. generator. with a creative or two pages. resume. The most List your most recent experience at the top. Recruiters spend six seconds 58% of recruiters specified this as their ideal length.? prominent words A survey revealed that design-savvy resumes often have poor written content.3.4 can act as a content guide for your resume, especially when 63% of recruiters assessing your resume, so make it easy for them.2 want resumes to be customized. 0:6 =At the beginning... List your name, contact details and additional 80% of recruiters will read info at the top on one or two lines. this first. Don't include a photo unless requested. 6. Add a link to your portfolio, Linkedin or Twitter. Candidates face an 88% job rejection rate if they do." 71% of recruiters think candidates should provide one. If it shows off your work, include it. 8. 8. Get recommendations on Linkedin that support your qualifications on 44% of recruiters use this to determine whether they should hire or not." your resume. Make sure you... Write in three sentences who you are, where you're going and what value you'll bring. Put this at the top where recruiters scan first. Include a summary statement. 10, List your skill set after 41% of HR managers say they will pay more attention if you do. your summary statement and before your experience. For example, 'Increased sales by 12% over a five month period.' Recruiters pay attention to percentages and dollar signs.8.9 Illustrate 11 your skills with numbers. In situation X I did Y, 12 Add achievements which resulted in Z.® 100% using the X, Y, Z approach. of recruiters stated achievements listed in a resume are important.10 Limit yourself to six bullet points per job space is limited, as when listing experience. Delete the fluffwhen 13 recruiters tend to skim your resume. Don't forget... 45% of job 14 Include a seekers fail to cover letter. do so, and 40% of recruiters would like to see one,11 15 16 17 Use a proofreading tool such as Save your resume Address the hiring manager by their name. as a word doc Grammarly. and pdf. 61% of recruiters 84% of job seekers don't, 49% of respondents to a survey preferred the file type as a Word doc, and another 49% preferred PDF or stated it didn't matter. will automatically and 22% of recruiters pay more attention if you do. 11 miss a resume if it contains typos.1 PDF Track your It will tell you when your 18 email has been opened so you know when it's appropriate to send a follow up email. resume using Mixmax. It can be easy to overlook certain things when you're rushing to get your resume in. By following these tips and tricks, you can be sure you're on the right track to bag that interview. SOURCES 1Grasz, J. (2016). CareerBuilder's Annual Survey Reveals The Most Outrageous Mistakes Employers Have Found. 2 The Ladders. (2012). Keeping an eye on recruiter behavior. Career Directors International. (2012). Global Hiring Trends 2012. 4 Hu, J. (2016). 8 Things You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking Systems. 5 Orchard. What do you think when you receive a CV with a profile photo? Pedderseon, J. Survey: Recruiters Answer Burning Resume Questions. Grasz, J. (2016). Number of Employers Using Social Media to Screen Candidates Has Increased 500 Percent over the Last Decade. Severt, N. (2016). 42 Amazing Resume Tips That You Can Use In 30 Minutes [Examples], * Gallo, A. (2014). How to Write a Resume That Stands Out. 10 Evans, T. (20016). What recruiters are really looking for in your CV: Infographic reveals expert tips on writing a job-winning application. "Grasz, J. (2016). CareerBuilder Survey Reveals Five Common Job Seeker Pitfalls That Will Hinder Any Career Search. 12 Grasz, J. (2012). CareerBuilder Releases Study of Most Outrageous Resume Mistakes and Creative Techniques that Worked. O NetCredit This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License -

How to Improve Your Resume According to Science

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Employers have to see a large number of resumes before making their decisions. Make sure you rise to the top of the pile by polishing up your CV with these wise words of advice.


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