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How To Improve Your Meetings

S MEETINGS Improve YOUR Number of meetings Over 50% of this time is wasted. professionals attend/month: 61,8 88888888 Assuming 1 meeting = 1 hour, they waste over MONTH 30h month. 1234 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 That is 1234 work days. 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 I SPENT IN MEETINGS I WASTED MEETING FAUX PAS 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% missed a part of it 95% daydreamed 91% did other work 73% dozed 39% However, only 13% (global senior executives) felt reducing meetings leads to increased productivity. SOLUTION: alternative ways of distributing information, collaborating, debating and sharing ideas outside of the boardroom. TIME SPENT ON SETUP 50min Setup of in-person meeting takes 2x more time compared to 35min 25min audio & video conferences. 15min -COORDINATING PARTICIPANTS Smin Smin DISTRIBUTING DOCUMENTS 5min - SETTING UP LOCATION 10min in-person audio & video meetings conferences AGENDA When people send a meeting agenda in advance, do you read } 28% ALWAYS 90% agree 62% REGULARLY 8% RARELY To better prepare for a meeting, people should be able to build the agenda together, and edit it as needed. The best way to keep meeting short and productive is to go prepared. COST & TIME COMPARISON PER PERSON IN-PERSON (travel by plane) AUDIO CONFERENCE VIDEO CONFERENCE TRAVEL TIME PREPARATION 2h 29min 46min 44min MEETING LENGTH 4h 8min 1h 15min 1h 52min FOLLOW-UP 2h 35min 1h 13min 1h 9min O TOTAL TIME 16h 12min 3h 14min 3h 45min COSTS $374.22 $74.69 $86.63 TRANSPORTATION $673.85 LODGING & MEALS $31714 TELECOM COSTS $37.50 $246.40 COSTS $990.99 $37.50 $246.40 $ TOTAL $1365.21 $112.19 $333.03 Time spent in transit is nearly A FULL BUSINESS DAY. Whereas those who take advantage of technology* are able to remain productive at the office. WORK-RELATED EMAILS / DAY EMAILS WITH ATTACHMENTS / DAY >100 10% 65% A FEW OF THE EMAILS <10 25% AT LEAST HALF 2% MAJORITY 50-100 11-15 /day 22% 60% PROBLEMS with attachments: - out of sync with the original file - file corruption - storage limitations Most attachments require direct feedback* on the contents. Attachments have poor usability - cannot review past versions - cannot see others comments - force multiple downloads - risk of viruses Five Ways to Improve Meetings* Move unproductive communications out of email. Edit agenda and notes together online. Coordinate meetings more effectively with the right tools. Save on travel costs by having (some) participants attending meetings online. Use a shared online space to increase and simplify meeting related contibutions. *Solutions to these and more: Design by Lotta Vitaniemi (June 2011) Sources: Meetings in America: A study of trends, costs and attitudes toward business travel, teleconferencing, and their impact on productivity (Greenwich, CT: 1998). Why Businesses (Don't) Collaborate: Meeting Management, Group Input and Wiki Usage Survey Results (Mader, S& Abel S: 2009)

How To Improve Your Meetings

shared by Lotta on Aug 10
We all know how it feels in the end of the day after going to numerous meetings: empty and unproductive. There are simple ways to improve this and it starts by dissecting what unproductive meetings ar...


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