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How to hook a leech

HOW TO HOOK LEECH LIKE A PRO Leeches are some of the most repulsive critters out there. No one wants to deal with something that sucks blood. Indeed, many people have a phobia concerning of them. However, they can make great bait for fishing; if you know how to bait them properly. HERE'S HOW 3 Hold the leech by the tail end. You can identify this end by the larger sucker. Keep your fingers away from it unless you want to become the leech's final meal. Once you have the leech in hand, insert the hook through the sucker on its tail. This may take a bit of effort, as the leech is likely going to Once the hook is in, rotate the leech so you can guide the point through the tail. This will allow the leech to move and swim normally. squirm around a bit. 4 Cast low to the water sO Pull the hook through the leech's midsection to add another point of contact. This makes it less likely that the leech will escape. that the impact will not kill the leech. You want it swimming naturally in order to attract the fish that feast on leeches; most commonly walleye and other types. LEGEND For more fishing and boating resources, visit LEGE ND B O ATS

How to hook a leech

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Are you a fishing fan? If yes, then this infographic is all that you need. This infographic gives you the guidelines to hook a leech to have the best bait for your catch. Have a look at these guidelin...


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