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How Google makes its money

HOW Google MAKES ITS MONEY For a company that for the longest time was touted to "not have a product," Google is doing plenty well, and is poised to bring us all into the new age of connectivity. Google made $33.3 billion last year Google With 97% ($32.2 bil) coming from online ads Making Google Ads And the 31 poorest more valuable than countries in the Panama (GDP) world combined 70% of this revenue is And 30% is from adsense, from adwords, which allows businesses to advertise by popular keywords which allows business to advertise on particular sites Some of the most Most expensive keywords expensive ad placements PER CLICK CBSO 5. CREDIT CBS March Madness on Demand 1. INSURANCE $54.31 $36.06 $70 cost per thousand views 6. LAWYER 7. DONATE 8. DEGREE 9. HOSTING 10. CLAIM 11. CONFERENCE hulu 2. MORTGAGE $47.12 Hulu $35 cost per thousand views CALL 12. TRADING 13. SOFTWARE Aol. 14. RECOVERY 3. ATTORNEY $47.07 15. TRANSFER 16. GAS/ ELECTRICITY 17. CLASSES 18. REHAB 19. TREATMENT Aol homepage takeover $500,000-$700,000 4. LOANS $44.28 20. CORD BLOOD Chances are, you'll click on a link at some point. Google wants you to stay online as long as possible. Google [x] and other acquisitions are furthering Google's cause: Google [x] Google [x] is the lab where future projects are developed. There, several ways to keep you online have been developed: Such as: Driverless cars - 300,000 miles have been logged in Google's driverless cars, which use sensors and Google Map technology to keep you on the road - If you don't have to pay attention to the road, you can be online, for work, play, Google, etc. Google Fiber - Is busy hooking up Kansas City, Missouri, Provo, Utah, and Austin, Texas, with lighting fast fiber optic internet access - Including: 1 terabyte of Google drive storage • That can record up to 8 tv shows at once • Time Magazine has noted that Google does not want to enter the ISP business, but rather wants to shame existing ISPS into improving Google Glass · A form of augmented reality glasses, allow you to be online all the time with an unobtrusive display within your upper visual field service so searches can be done more rapidly. Plans for an elevator to space... The "web of things" - Involves embedding many ordinary devices with internet connectivity. - Because what would you do out there without Google Maps? · Televisions, thermostats, refrigerators, etc. Other Acquisitions Other acquisitions by Google Include Youtube · Purchased for a--then--astounding $1.65 billion in 2006 - Youtube has proved to be plenty worth it · As it is now the third most popular site online, with billions of ads shown yearly You Tube Motorola Mobility - Purchased in 2011 for $12.5 billion. - Motorola is one of 39 Android handset producers - Was bought primarily to "supercharge the Android ecosystem." MOTOROLA MOBILITY Other Acquisitions include • $676 mil for ITA soft ware, a company merged into Google Flights • $450 mil for Wild fire Interactive, a social net work marketing engine ita twere WILDFIRE Admeld - $400 mil for AdMeld, an online advertising service • $1.3 bil for Waze, a socially driven mapping technology to merge with Google Maps - And $228 mil for, a social gaming site waze slide With 83.18% of searches worldwide occuring on Google, and the right people thinking about how to funnel that for the collective, and profitable, good, Google's not going anywhere. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride. Brought to you by Coolest_Google_R_D_Projects?page=11#slideshow

How Google makes its money

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For a company that for the longest time was touted to "not have a product," Google is doing plenty well, and is poised to bring us all into the new age of connectivity.


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