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How Google Determines Search Results

AudienceBI m presents Google How Determines Search Results How does GoogleBot rank content algorithmically? Factors that Correlate with Higher Rankings in Google Based on two popular correlation studies (data set of 15,000 keywords from non-personalized, geo-agnostic Google US results collected in July 2013 - 2014) Mozscape link correlations: Correlations: Page level Correlations: Domain level Page Authority # Root Domains to Sub-domain 0.38 0.27 # C-blocks* 0.29 Domain Authority 0.26 # IPs* 0.29 # Root Domains to Domain 0.25 # Root domains* 0.29 # external links 0.28 Domain mozRank 0.25 # links to page 0.23 Domain mozTrust 0.24 *C-block: number of unique C-blocks linking to the page *IPs: number of unique IP addresses linking to the page *Root domains: number of unique root domains linking to the page SearchMetrics link correlations: Length of URL 0.16 Position of Keyword in Title (Chracter) 0.12 Position of Keyword in Title (Word) 0.11 URL is no Subdomain 0.07 Existence of Description 0.06 Existence of H2 0.05 Sitespeed 0.04 Existence of H1 0.03 Keyword in Domain Name 0.03 Video Integration 0.03 Keyword in Description 0.02 Keyword in URL 0.01 Keyword in Title 0.00 Studies on Social Media and Search Correlations Mozscape social correlations: 8+ Google +1's 0.30 f Facebook Shares 0.26 Tweets 0.21 SearchMetrics social correlations: 8+ Google +1 0.40 f Facebook Shares 0.27 f Facebook Total 0.34 Facebook Comments 0.33 Facebook Likes 0.31 P Pinterest 0.29 Tweets 0.28 DOMAIN CORRELATIONS KNOW THE DIFFERENCE Exact Match Domain Perfect Match Domain For example, exactly matches the searched keyword phrase of a user, and chocolate can be a 0.08 Perfect Match Domain PMD for ", 0.17 Exact Match Domain contains no dashes. 0.20 Exact Match Domain with .com Keyword Changes in SEO 2013 US Rank Vs 2014 US Rank Keyword in Meta Description Keyword in Meta Description Position of Keyword in Title (Character) Position of Keyword in Title (Character) 0.11 0.01 0.11 0.10 Keyword in External link Keyword in 0.09 External link 0.11 Keyword in internal links Keyword in internal links 0.02 0.12 0.10 0.15 Keywords in body Keywords in body Domain is KW match for the query w/ .com TLD 0.20 Domain is KW match for the query (any TLD extension) 0.16 Response Time in Seconds 0.10 *Total Length of the Body in Characters 0.09 **more content seems to be better vs less content Takeaways Build lots of awesome links to your pages. Get a good mix of links from different IP addresses, C-blocks, and root domains. Don't be afraid to link to other external sources from your own website content. Keep your brand name and URL short and punchy. http:// Don't host your blog on a subdomain. Instead, put it in a subdirectory (ie, BLOG Optimize website speed Include meta elements (title and description) on all pages Google+ has the highest correlation to higher rankings. 8+ Facebook and Twitter engagement have very high relative ranking correlations. Focus on Long form content Get domain; they may be favored by Google in search visibility COM AudienceBl m Sources: AudienceBI m

How Google Determines Search Results

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Google’s algorithm is more sophisticated than ever, and its secrets have been the focus of thousands of hours of research and testing. After all, if you understand how Google determines the rankings...


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