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How to Get a Promotion (Without Working Longer)

HOW TO GET A PROMOTION (WITHOUT WORKING LONGER) !!! THE IDEA OF WORKING BUT THERE IS ANOTHER WAY FOR A PROMOTION THAT INVOLVES FEWER HOURS, A can sometimes seem daunting; it often involves committing to long hours at work and competing with colleagues to land the big job. LITTLE MORE THINKING TIME AND A MUCH GREATER CHANCE OF SUCCESS. WHAT MATTERS WHEN GETTING A PROMOTION? How well you perform your role is actually less important than how aware your bosses are of you and the work you do. HERE'S WHAT MATTERS MOST: 10% 60% HOW HOW AWARE WELL YOU OTHERS ARE PERFORM OF YOUR WORK 30% HOW OTHERS PERCEIVE YOU AT WORK TIPS FOR 10 GETTING PROMOTED It's easy to feel like you deserve a promotion if you work long hours, but working smarter with the time you have is a much more efficient and effective way to get ahead. 1 UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR COMPANY CARES ABOUT Find out what your company is truly trying to achieve and focus your efforts there. OTOP TIP: FIND OUT FROM YOUR BOSS WHAT THE: MOST PROFITABLE PRODUCTS/SERVICES ARE? QUARTERLY & ANNUAL GOALS ARE? O MISSION STATEMENT AND CORE VALUES ARE? FIND OUT WHO RECENTLY GOT PROMOTED By knowing who gets promotions in your workplace, you can work out why. Identify what skills and qualities these people have. OTOP TIP: PRACTICE THE SKILLS THAT MATTER. IF THEIR COMMUNICATION SKILLS ARE SUPERB, THEN YOU KNOW THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO YOUR COMPANY. FOCUS ON HIGH VALUE WORK Prioritize the tasks that really make a difference to your team and manager. TOP TIP: BEFORE STARTING YOUR DAY, LOOK AT YOUR TO-DO LIST AND CHOOSE JUST ONE THING THAT YOU MUST COMPLETE FIRST THAT WILL MAKE REAL DIFFERENCE TO YOUR TEAM AND BOSS, !! 4 MAKE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS KNOWN In a busy work environment, it's easy for great work to be overlooked. To be sure to present the things you've achieved and explain how they add value to the company. O TOP TIP: KEEP A RUNNING LOG OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS ON LINKEDIN. YOUR BOSS MIGHT NOTICE, AND IT HELPS YOU TO REMEMBER YOUR SUCCESSES IN PREPARATION FOR YOUR ONE-ON-ONES. ASK FOR FEEDBACK ON HOW TO IMPROVE Giving feedback can be difficult, so make your boss's job easy and ask for it first. SKILL SKILL TOP TIP: ASK YOUR BOSS TO GIVE YOU ONE AREA YOU ARE THE WEAKEST IN AND MAKE THIS YOUR FOCUS. SKILL SKILL SKILL SKILL A DON'T FORGET TO THANK YOUR BOSS Your boss is a person too, and they need guidance to see when they are doing something right. O TOP TIP: SEND A SINCERE EMAIL THANK YOU LETTING THEM KNOW WHEN THEY'VE REALLY HELPED YOU OUT WITH SOMETHING. NETWORK DURING THE WORKING DAY Spend time to build rapport with the people you work with to earn their trust. OTOP TIP: ASK OTHERS FOR ADVICE OR INPUT ON A PROBLEM YOU'RE WORKING ON. TRY "I THINK X WOULD BE A GOOD APPROACH, BUT I'D LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK SINCE YOU'VE DONE THIS BEFORE, " 8 8 ADOPT A COMPANY OWNER MIND-SET Company owners always look at the big picture, find creative solutions and care about every aspect of the business. TOP TIP: WHEN FACED WITH A MAJOR DECISION AT WORK ASK YOURSELF: WOULD YOU DO THIS IF IT WERE YOUR BUSINESS? 9. BUILD TRUST WITH YOUR BOSS Before gaining more responsibilities, your boss needs to trust you have the interests of the business at heart. O TOP TIP: TRUST FIND OUT WHAT YOUR MANAGERS OVERALL GOALS ARE, AND ANTICIPATE THEIR NEEDS. 10 FOCUS ON BUILDING YOUR SOFT SKILLS Soft skills are thing like collaborating, negotiating, resolving conflict, communicating and being flexible. These are the skills that managers and leaders need. TOP TIP: ASK YOUR BOSS WHAT YOUR WEAKEST SOFT SKILL IS, AND DETERMINE HOW YOU CAN SOFT SKILLS IMPROVE IT. WORKING FOR A PROMOTION DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A 60 HOUR A WEEK JOB. BY WORKING ON THE THINGS THAT MATTER INSTEAD OF TRYING TO DO EVERYTHING AND MORE, YOU WILL HAVE MORE TIME TO SHOW THE RIGHT PEOPLE JUST HOW GOOD YOU ARE. SOURCES Cummins, D. 2014. How to work smarter: 3 keys to career success. Psychology Today. Fast Track Promotion. 8 Reasons you are not getting ahead at work (and what to do about it). Vanderkam, L. 2014. How to get promoted without working long hours. Fast Company leadership. Coleman, H. Empowering yourself: the organizational game revealed. AuthorHouse 2010. CashNetUSA. nsed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Money's on the waye ------ -------

How to Get a Promotion (Without Working Longer)

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Overlooked for that promotion again? Short of working around-the-clock hours or, um, being more attractive, it can feel like there’s nothing you can do to improve your prospects for advancement. It ...




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