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How To Get People To Your Website

HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO YOUR WEBSITE Using Proven Growth Hacking Strategies Growth hacking is one of the favorite buzz phrases of tech startups these days. Read on to learn some of the strategies employed by now large companies in the early stages of their launch and find out how you can use them to grow your user base. f in = 10M www ww facebook. 1000M+ Since its 2004 founding, Facebook has grown to more than 1 billion users, 699 million of them daily active users. Growth Hack: 7 frends in 10 days hired people with technological and marketing know how a product that enabled the users to use, grow and share it with friends and family a culture within the company that everyone used the product kept it simple targeted a core audience (university students) that ultimately grew out researched, tested and 6. repeated the process Takeaway: Initiated Social Call to Action Surround yourself with key people that believe in the product and have the skills sets that compliment both production and marketing. (The 'Like' Button) that got users and viewers engaged twitter 200M+ Grew to more than 200 million users within seven years. Growth Hack: Discovered that in order for their users to keep using their platform they had to get other people to follow the new user. "It turned out that if you manually selected and followed at least 5-10 Twitter accounts in your first day on Twitter, you were much more likely to become a long term user, since you had chosen things that interested you. And if we helped someone you know follow you back, then even better. As we kept tweaking the features to focus on helping users achieve these things, our retention dramatically rose," Josh Elman - Product Takeaway: Keep your business simple. Make it easy to access and use. Find your "Aha" moment and discover what resonates with your customers to get them to keep coming back. Lead for Growth and Relevance at Twitter. Instagram Grew to 150 million users since 150M launching in October 2010. Growth Hack: Had a product that made a popular activity like taking photos with filters more fun and then made it easy to post the results of that product to networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Takeaway: Don't compete, cooperate. Enhance your client's experience by working with other networks. The more friends and family talk about what you do, the more you will reach the right connections to help you grow. Gmail 400M+ More than 400 million users since its 2004 founding. Growth Hack: People always want to be first to have the hot new thing. Gmail was that back in 2004. Google built a better product than existing free email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo and then they controlled the supply and demand of their product by launching it as invite only. Takeaway: Don't be afraid of an industry with clear market leaders. If you make a better product and market it smartly people will want it. Linked in 225M Grew to 225 million members since launching in 2003. Growth Hack: LinkedIn was seeded with successful friends and connections that helped establish the high quality audience that they were after. Takeaway: Pick a target audience and then get friends to help you grow. Strive for high quality so that you become sought after and grow through references. Growth Hacking Tools Getting people to your website is the easy part. But once you get them there, how do you keep and engage them? How do you bring them back if you are not a social networking site? This is what growth hacking is and WebPower Up can give you the tools to do it successfully. Still not sure about growth hacking? Check out Growth Hacking Strategies to Get People to Your Website for more examples of large companies that have used growth hacking to grow. webpowerup •E•E•E •E•E•E •E•E •E•E E•E •E•E •E•E•E •E•€

How To Get People To Your Website

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Growth hacking is one of the favorite buzz phrases of tech startups these days. Read on to learn some of the strategies employed by now large companies in the early stages of their launch and find out...





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