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How to Generate Business Leads at Trade Shows

LEAD GENERATION How To Generate Highly Qualified Leads At Trade Shows And Exhibitions E by Pipelinersales Inc. 1. Have a Lead Generation Plan The secret to a successful trade show or exhibition is to know, in advance, exactly what you want to achieve - and then craft detailed plans to help you deliver. 2. Set Goals & Targets Goals Setting Opecific/ M easurable v A Hainable Even if it's your first ever trade show, don't treat it as an exploratory opportunity. Instead, set out in advance the number of well-qualified Relevant v Time-Bound leads you expect to secure. 3. Prepare Your Image Bet Give some serious thought to how you show up during the show. Your signage, design and words are a good start. Make it abundantly obvious what your business does. 4. Focus Move on from small talk quickly and instead spend time during one-to-ones finding out if the person is a realistic prospect. How to.- 5. Build Your Credibility & Authority Why How. Trade shows and exhibitions can be a great opportunity to position yourself as an expert in a particular niche. Deliver a presentation or run a seminar. Selling Suy 6. Seamlessly Collect Data CONTACT Make it really easy to collect that data and have a robust and quick process for doing so. 7. FOLLOW UP Trade shows and exhibitions create a buzz – but that energy and excitement doesn't last long. One way to overcome this issue is to follow up any leads quickly. But be creative and avoid the predictable "thanks for visiting our stand". o pipeliner Copyright © 2013 Pipelinersales Inc.

How to Generate Business Leads at Trade Shows

shared by pipelinersales on Nov 13
Trade shows tend to be themed and so will attract people who are interested, at some level, in the products or services that you offer. Moreover, tend to be one of the most expensive forms of lead gen...


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