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How is the Film Industry Avoiding Bankruptcy?

FILM INDUSTRY Avoiding How Is the BANKRUPTCY? The film industry's annual ticket sales have declined almost every year since 2002, but gross annual revenue has doubled. (1.2) If fewer people are going to the movies, how is the industry avoiding bankruptcy? LOUD COMPUTING One way the film industry is maximizing its profits is by MINIMIZING ITS COSTS. > The film industry now transfers files largely in the cloud.3 > Cloud computing, coupled with digital films, saves the industry a lot on shipping costs. > So much, in fact, This eliminates the need to transport physical copies of films between studios, theaters, distributors, or that studios are actively fighting to eradicate traditional film formats.14) advertisers. VARIED MONETIZATION Some of the standard methods for generating revenue still bring in money for studios. Studios now sell "Pay-TV" rights to cable and satellite companies to supplement ticket sales. Tie-in products, like video games and toys, bring in profits for studios. GAMES > Selling overseas rights also brings in big revenue. VIRAL MARKETING Marketing films through social media is changing the way movies generate buzz. CROWDSOURCED VIEWING LOCATIONS > In 2009, marketing for Paranormal Activity encouraged moviegoers to demand the film at local theaters. 161 >This form of advertising, along with a social media campaign, helped make the film the most profitable of all time. 7 SOCIAL MEDIA PARANORMAL ACTIVITY The marketing for Paranormal Activity was largely viral including Twitter reviews >After receiving one million social media requests for a nationwide release, Paramount gave the fans what they wanted. [8] HOT TUB ME I MGM's raunchy comedy Hot Tub Time which generated hundreds of thousands Machine released an uncut trailer online MACHINE of hits within one day of its release. Hot Tub Time Machine also successfully used an app which let fans request screenings in their area. [91 HIUNGER GAMES Prior to release, Lionsgate initiated a social media marketing campaign which made fans citizens of the world in which the film takes place. > This plan paid off as fans returned dramatically high engagement on Facebook.10) TWILIGHT| Twilight was the first SAGA film to reach 1 million followers on Twitter./11) German fans of the series created a human chain to promote the film and generated 13,000 new Facebook fans from the promotion. (12) Prior to the film's release, WETA Workshop partnered with Air New Zealand to create a viral flight safety video. HE HOBBIT AN UNEXPECTED JONEY > The short featured cameos with Sir Peter Jackson and several other cast members. The film had some 2 million views prior to the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey FIGHTING PIRACY No one really knows how much piracy hurts the industry, but some speculate it costs the U.S. $58 billion annually (this figure is in dispute). (14] DOCTOR WHO To combat piracy, Australian company ABC released the show on iView hours after its season premiere in the UK. Of the 21 U.S. major network new shows which debuted in the Fall of 2012, one-third premiered early online in an effort to generate buzz or thwart piracy.16) Infographic brought to you by ALLMAND LAW HELPING GO00 PEOPLE GET A FRESH START htpwwwthe-numbers com/market protts-salaries-despite-piracy fear-mongering SOURCES 01202-cloud-computing-changieethe ntoet tamaks com/2012/c 2-04-12m-NSmm-m-ditalolywoog 01magarinehow does-the-on-indutractustlymake-monny hom ormal-activity-marketing-campaign 195/paranormalactivity-most-profitable-rm-all-time htm tinghot-tub-time-machine-the-anatoryofasocial-meda-campaign 064000 ocial-meda-exampleshnger games-social-media-marketing etwiight-miion-folowers b27113 to393-outsde-the-box-facebook-marketing-campaigns (15) macketingiair-new-pnaland-partners with-the-hobbit-for-an-uepected-breting (04)http.www.iporgipiuesidetaiwho-says pracy-costs-S8-bon-per-year (ESI (16) httpwww.tvcom/newsgetting-buzzed-why-the-releasing-pilots-online-early-trend-makes-serse-for-networks-29564

How is the Film Industry Avoiding Bankruptcy?

shared by Amcoffey on Jan 09
The film industry’s annual ticket sales have declined almost every year since 2002 but gross annual revenue has doubled. If fewer people are going to the movies, how is the industry avoiding bankruptcy?


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