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How Email Integrates Multi-Channel Marketing

Delivra HOW EMAIL INTEGRATES MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING we know email What is multi-channel marketing? Creating and launching the same campaigns across multiple marketing communication channels. It's the straight forward recycling of identical content across channels. Multi-channel marketing is effective because you are sharing your message across all mediums, reaching a variety of people that may not all be connected to you. 1 Today's consumer is constantly multi-tasking, so shouldn't we be trying to communicate with them on multiple platforms? Businesses who engaged in multichannel marketing saw growth in key performance improvements across the board, such as:2 6.8% increase in customer retention. 5.1% increase in customer lifetime value. 4.0% increase in customer satisfaction. Businesses that use three or more channels achieved 48% better year-over-year results in terms of unique website visitors. 2 +48% Multi-channel shoppers Show more loyalty to the company. Spend 2-4 times more when buying apparel. Spend 30% more per year - in stores alone - than the average single channel shopper. We'll show you how to use email as the hub of your multichannel strategy and use that to support the other channels. Email The most preferred messaging channel across all age groups. • Able to use segmentation easily. • Largest communication channel, • Companies are in control - send when they want, brand alignment. • Cost-effective. Social Media 75 percent of social media users prefer email as the method for companies to communicate with them 4 • Consumers typically respond within 24 hours of receiving a message. • Store information about audience in email database. 75% www Tip: Email drives social campaigns. Include social links and "share to social" links in your emails to drive content sharing. (Increases the reach of your message) Website Tips: • Include an email sign up on your website to have people receive your emails to continuously share information with them. Social Segmentation: segment based on what social sites your users are active on. • Post sales offer from an email to your website. 33 percent shared something in a marketing message on Facebook or Twitter. 33% Direct Mail Most companies still get true gains from direct mail.5 Tips: • Incorporate an email sign up on all your social media sites to organically grow your list. Tip: • Start a conversation on social media with prospects, but take it to email for a more personal connection. Encourage people to sign up for your emails whether that's with a number to text or a QR code, Mobile Webinars Tip: 54% When people register for a webinar, have them use their email address. You can send reminder emails and follow up emails after the presentation to better connect with those individuals that participated. 54% of primary email opens today are on a mobile device. 6 • Capture email from SMS. • Optimize emails for mobile. 18% Advertisments Tip: 18% of consumers made a purchase on their mobile devices. Back up an advertisement (online/offline) with an email campaign. Can also work with email reminders. Blogs Video Today, there are more than 158 million blogs (though only about 70 million are active). 7 Tip: • Use email to repurpose older blogs to encourage people to click through, read, and engage with your content. When people click on a video to watch, send them a follow up email asking them what they thought. Have them sign up to your email list in order to receive more information. 8 • Again – have one of the CTAS on your blog be an email sign up option. Delivra we know email For over 13 years, Delivra has been helping businesses and organizations execute email marketing campaigns by providing dynamic software and professional services-from email marketing strategy to help when you need it in areas such as design, production, deliverability, and testing. Call us today at 866.915.9465 or visit us at to learn more about how we can help you. Sources 1 2 Aberdeen's "July 2012 Customer Experience Management", multichannel-marketing-increases-sales-and-retention-study/ 3 Aberdeen study, nel-marketing-to-grow-your-business/ 4 Online Marketing Summit 2010 5 MarketingSherpa Study 6 7 Email Trends: The Importance of Tap Errors, Alt Tags and Mobile Design by Beth Negus Viveiros 8 9 s-channel-marketing-campaigns 10 communications

How Email Integrates Multi-Channel Marketing

shared by delivra on Jan 08
Did you know that 75% of social media users consider email as their preferred message of communication with companies? That’s huge. Email is permission-based marketing, which means that the consumer...




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