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How To DIY A Perfect Logo For Your Personal Blog!

HOW TO DIY A PERFECT LOGO FOR YOUR PERSONAL BLOG! Need a brand identity that expresses your own vision of the brand, not the designer's? Can't afford to work with a professional designer to design a logo for your personal blog? Then get up off your couch and design it yourself! Here's a step-by-step guide to help you. 1. FIND A LOGO MAKER TOOL THAT WORKS Google LOGO MAKER| Don't just randomly pick a logo maker you believe is right. Make sure you dry run features to gauge it accurately. Things you need to be looking for, include ease of use, cost, number of revisions allowed, brand bundles and customization options. 2. EXPLORE THE CHOSEN LOGO MAKER Once you have settled on a logo maker, be sure to check out all the features and options. For example, some logo makers not only offer pre-defined color options, but they also let you select customized colors for each component of the design. 3. EXPERIMENT WITH TEMPLATES Don't be afraid of experimenting with templates; it costs nothing. Test different templates and find one that suits the nature of your personal business in terms of layout and structure. 4. CHOOSE A COLOR THEME Apart from the visual appeal, keep in mind that your logo has to be consistent with your blog theme. Remember to choose a color theme that resonates with the market vertical (target audience) and at the same time, synchronizes with the blog layout. 5. SPICE UP WITH TYPOGRAPHY FONTS V WEBBY WEBBY Blog logos usually follow the combination mark style, and since blog logos are often used as the header image, it is wise to pay attention to the typographic aspect of the logo. Keep well away from complicated script or grunge fonts, and use a legible and modern sans serif font. WEBBY WEBBY 6. LET YOUR PERSONALITY SHINE IN THE LOGO Reflect your own personality through your brand logo. Don't get carried away by jumping on the bandwagon and designing for the sake of gleaning a grand and trendy logo design. Instead, make your brand identity logical and fitting for the audience you plan to target through your blog. WEBBY WEBBY 7. CHECK FOR ORIGINALITY CONTRACT Sometimes, in order to outshine competitors or A-list bloggers, some bloggers think it essential to be similar to or imitate those who are already doing great. However, it does more harm than good most of the time. Therefore, it is important to check your logo for originality and ensure that it is not copied. 8. DOWNLOAD HIGH-RESOLUTION LOGO Always download (and make sure your logo maker supports) high resolution logos. This would ensure that every time you want to make your logo bigger, you can just resize the original version. If the resolution is poor, every time you scale or enlarge your logo, it is bound to get pixelated. 3000xp x 3000xp dm DesignMantic

How To DIY A Perfect Logo For Your Personal Blog!

shared by DesignMantic on Aug 08
When it comes to designing a logo for your personal brand, you may not have the budget to hire the services of a professional logo designing agency, and besides, you might be thinking of gleaning a pe...


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