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How Different Employees Survive A Workplace Meeting

HOW DIFFERENT EMPLOYEES SURVIVE A WORKPLACE MEETING KEY TO EMPLOYEES SURVIVING A WORKPLACE MEETING BILL SUSAN THE DEFLECTOR - -- STRATEGY THINKING THE PACIFIST SAYING LINDA JERRY THE JARGONMEISTER THE BIG-LEAGUER PAULA AGNES THE ARTFUL DODGER THE REALIST MARTIN CONRAD THE BOOMERANG THE OLOTIMER That's a good question Agnes, BILL but I'm thinking that Linda is more involved in the project and could provide a better answer. THE DEFLECTOR I should have studied that training manual – she could be speaking another language for all I know. X STRATEGY X Keeps out of the conversation by deflecting all questions to other workers. We need to shift paradigms here. LINDA BIAH We team players have been sweating BIAF TAHEIA AH ВТАН the assets and we just have no leverage AH BIAF left to hit the homerun 2.0 we're BIA BIAH all looking for. THE JARGONMEISTER I hope no one catches on that I'm actually not BIAH X STRATEGY X BIALI Uses colorful buzzwords and "business speak" to navigate the questions saying anything at all. to which she doesn't have any real answers. BIAO BIAH PAULA I have mastered THE the art of disappearance; none of these questions What we really need to ARTFUL DOOGER be thinking about is getting will ever find me. that Q4 report finalized. X STRATEGY X Escapes answering as many inquiries and requests as possible. More importantly, Conrad, MARTIN why did you allocate the entire budget to HR? THE BOOMERANG Enough boring discussion! I just want to get back to my desk to buy those cufflinks I saw on Gilt. Oh no. I hope they're not sold out! X STRATEGY X Throws everyone off their guard by answering questions with questions. Listen up everyone. Let's take it one at a time. CONRAD Susan, please continue. THE OLDTIMER If I don't book this cruise for X STRATEGY X my family today the prices are Knows the ins-and-outs of the game and only going to double. Can't we just wrap this up tomorrow?! speaks up when a voice of reason is needed so that he can get out of the room as fast as possible. I don't care what else you have AGNES on your calendars today, we're getting everything on this agenda done. THE REALIST I need this promotion. I need this promotion. I need this promotion. X STRATEGY X With the possibility of a promotion dangling in front of her like a carrot, she is determined to get everything done, no matter how long it takes – much to the chagrin of everyone else present. JERY Thanks for scheduling the meeting, but unfortunately, THE EMAIL I doubled booked and can't TO ALL BIG-LEAGUER join you today. Just a few more X STRATEGY X cancellations and they'll really know who's boss. Schedules meetings when he knows he can't attend. It's a power-play of sorts that he thinks makes himself seem important. I know we're all frustrated SUSAN with the current situation, but we're only going to fix it if we work together. THE PACIFIST Can't we all get along? I just want to get home X STRATEGY X Does everything in her power to keep everyone as happy to see my family. as possible; conflict only makes the meeting drag on. mindflash

How Different Employees Survive A Workplace Meeting

shared by ColumnFive on Aug 06
The dreaded workplace meeting brings all sorts of communicators to the same table, and unfortunately each party present has their own unique way of surviving with the discussion. Let's examine some o...


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