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How to Decide Whether a Commercial Property is Profitable In Ten Minutes Or Less

HOW TO DECIDE WHETHER A COMMERCIAL PROPERTY IS PROFITABLE IN TEN MINUTES OR LESS 1 CALCULATE CASH FLOW ASSESS THE PROPERTY'S PROFIT POTENTIAL Add up all the expenses associated with Subtract that number from the the You need to find the cash flow property amount of money earned from zone percent- age rental income INCLUDE: The resulting number is the cash flow, and is your net income from the O mortgage payment This number, which is the gross annual rent (the amount of rental income you receive per year from the repair costs maintenance the purchase X100 advertising costs price property. management costs property) percentage between 5%-7% is Add on an additional 10%, włhich is the vacancy rate (estimated through national surveys of commercial properties) considered good, and means that property is likely to generate a positive cash flow 3 USE THIS LOOPHOLE TO INCREASE CASH FLOW ? QUESTION Raise your net income by adjusting for property depre- ciation contact an experienced real estate broker at WESTWOOD NET LEASE ADVISORS INCLUDE: The IRS allows you to recover the lost plumbing O mechanical components electrical installations income of a rental income property through yearly tax deductions, which for commercial properties is up to 39.5 years, or until the property is sold specialty lighting concrete free 30 min consultation asphalt landscaping wall covering O cabinetry O signage solid advice on how to get started investing in your income property W WEST WOOD NET LEASE ADVISORS MELTEYRE YDAR02 00000 O000 O 000 O

How to Decide Whether a Commercial Property is Profitable In Ten Minutes Or Less

shared by rachel.speal on Mar 30
Deciding which commercial income property you’d like to buy may seem like a huge pain in the neck. Sure, you can’t wait to start earning a steady, monthly income, or to grow your investments. ...


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