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How to Create Memorable Networking Business Cards

BUSINESS CARD & NETWORKING YOU TIPS 1 ARE BUSINESS CARDS REALLY USEFUL IN TODAY'S DIGITAL AGE? Hi! Here are some interesting data: Billions of business cards are printed worldwide every year. Small businesses account for more than half of the sales in the US. The great majority of these small business owners use business cards. With a beautiful and high-quality business card you tell others how much you care about your business relationships. You can create a positive and memorable first impression on your prospects. You increase the odds they will remember you, your products, and your services. Hope this convinced you that business cards are still essential if you want to build a profitable business. Good Luck :) WHY YOUR BUSINESS CARD SHOULD HAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER Phone calls give a personal touch to the business relationship you are building. Not everyone has Internet access all the time. Your prospects may not use computers regularly or they may not know how to contact you online. Some of your customers may prefer to communicate with you via SMS or Whatsapp. 3 %247 7 Tips for Choosing a Professional Email Address You generally need only one email address on your business card Create a custom email address using your custom domain Choose a personalized email address, such as [email protected] Include a compelling call to action to invite people to contact you: Contact me [email protected] Select a typeface that is easy to read Place it in a prominent location on your card Make it stand out from the rest of the content 4 A QR CODE FOR YOUR BUSINESS CARD? ARE YOU SURE? QR codes are mostly used by young tech-savvy entrepreneurs. you know your clients seldom use their smart phones, then don't include a QR code. If DO THIS : Check the business cards you have recently collected. Do your contacts use QR codes? If 20% of them have a QR code, then include one on your card. Otherwise, leave the QR code out. 5 7 BUSINESS CARD MISSTEPS TO AV A There are typos and contact information is missing. A There is too much text. A You are not using the back side of your card. Contents seem to be added at random. A You use too many colors and fonts. A Colors do not match your other marketing materials. A Your business card looks more like a flyer. TAKEAWAY Traditional business cards and digital Internet developments are becoming complementary. oth, ess cards and smartphones, are essential in today's business world. If your customers or prospects want to talk to you, it is best to have your phone number on your business card. Phone calls will help you build a more personal relationship with your customers and clients. An email on your business card is a must in today's digitally connected world. Always include your email address on your business card because people rely on it. With a QR code on your business card, you will encourage prospects to contact you immediately after you exchange business cards. But, remember that first you need to understand your target market and how these trendy QR codes fit into the general strategy of your business. • If your business cards are thrown away the same day you give them out, chances are it has to do with poor design elements. Check the list above to see the most common mistakes you should avoid. LEARN MORE TIPS ON OUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO BUSINESS CARDS created by Your Free Online Business Card Manager

How to Create Memorable Networking Business Cards

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In this infographic you will see why business cards are still important, why you need to include your phone number on your business card, how to create a professional email address to put on your card...



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