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How to Create a How to Desk Sanctuary

How To Turn Your Workspace Into A DESK SANCTUARY Desk Organization Ideas to Bring More Zen to Your Work Day Tip #1: Change Your Layout S)Redesign with Feng Shui • Feng shui is the practice of arranging objects to attract positive energy, or qi. • It's believed to bring peace, health, and prosperity to your life. Infuse your desk with purpose where each section corresponds to a different area in life: RELATIONSHIPS PROSPERITY CREATIVITY HEALTH FAMILY REPUTATION REPUTATION: Place motivational images that highlight your accomplishments. RELATIONSHIPS: Put some calming plants in the corner. CREATIVITY: Keep journals and sketch pads on the ready. HEALTH: Ease your mind by maintaining a clutter-free work space. PROSPERITY: Leave space for a valuable item, such as your computer. FAMILY: Display a framed family photo. Tip #2: Mess Leads to Stress Simplify Your Desk, Clear Your Mind Over 40% of adults report that work stress is "extremely stressful." A professional may have 50-100 unique tasks at any given time. Spend 5-10 minutes every evening to tidy up your desk for the next morning. • Clutter limits your brain to process information, reducing concentration and increasing stress. -Why is decluttering hard? Our brain responds with pain when letting go of items (the anterior cingulate cortex and insula) Tip #3: Add a Personal Touch Personalize Your Desk Decorate with 3-4 personal items with significant value to you Utilize a diffuser with your favorite essential oil Aromatherapy is known to relieve stress and allergies while improving breathing habits and mood. Small desk diffusers and even portable USB diffusers are available so that you can enjoy these benefits while working. How Does Personalization Relieve Stress? • Helps employees cope with stress and reduce emotional exhaustion. • Can increase productivity, socialization and networking among coworkers. Tip #4: Bring Nature Inside Keep it Green and Serene • As an employer, you can help elevate the positivity of your workplace and make your employees feel more like members of the family by giving them green gifts with a personalized touch. Harvest Month • Look for low-maintenance plants that need minimal sunlight or watering: Peace Lily Chinese Evergreen Aloe ZZ Plant The benefits of desk plants include: Purified Air: Plants remove up to 87% of toxins in a room every 24 hours. Improved Health: Can decrease absenteeism by up to 50% and reduce minor illness by 30%. Increased Productivity: Cognitive tasks and concentration are improved by 10-15%. Mood Booster: Helps lower tension, anxiety, and fatigue by 38%. Tip #5: Brighten Up Choose the Right Lighting for Your Desk • Minimize fluorescent lighting with a personal desk lamp. - Reduces eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness caused by artificial lighting. Cortisol levels decrease under artificial lighting, which inhibits stress and depletes energy levels. • Use cooler lighting during the day and warmer lighting in the evening. While high cortisol levels are linked to stress, low cortisol levels can be detrimental as well. Cortisol is released by the adrenal glands and assists in prioritizing important body functions under stressful circumstances. Studies show that our cortisol levels decrease under artificial lighting, which can inhibit the body's natural stress management mechanisms and deplete energy levels. Add a Splash of Color • Apply color psychology for decor inspiration. • Add a color-changing diffuser for aromatherapy and visual inspiration. BLUE GREEN YELLOW •Stable •Calming • Warm •Calming •Refreshing •Optimistic •Helps you focus on the •Relieves •Stimulates stress creativity task at hand Brought to you by ONATIONAL PEN REFERENCES ical-benefits.html#.WwfsgYTyuCg reduces-stress-cleans-air-us.htmlm

How to Create a How to Desk Sanctuary

shared by StaceySD on Mar 05
There are ways to bring more Zen into your work day. It’s all about how you keep things organized for your office desk setup.




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