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How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client

HOW TO CREATE content ideas FOR A NEW CLIENT GET TO KNOW THE CLIENT Identify what they provide to their audience/clients so you know what to highlight and promote. What Does the Client Do or Sell? Why Do They Do It? Identify the passion fueling their work so you know what messages and values to express. What Concepts Do They Have for the Content? Identify the buzzwords related to their industry so you know what topics to discuss. IDENTIFY THE CLIENT'S GOAL FOR THE CONTENT Attract Encourage an Action Generate Traffic Educate Attention Build Authority in an Industry Provide Value to Audience/ Clients Build Email List Attract New, Large Audience Increase Number of Backlinks Increase PR Go Viral & Brand Encourage a Sale Awareness FIND HOOKS THAT ALIGN WITH THE CLIENT'S GOALS -9- HEW STORYTELLING/ EDUCATIONAL TOPICAL SELF INTEREST CURATION FRESH SPIN CASE STUDIES Connect a Connect a Concept with Personal Connect a Connect a Concept with the Mind Connect a Connect a Concept with the News Concept with Real Life Concept with Many More Concepts Concept with Unrelated Identity Concepts Content is deeply researched, Content relates Content directly connects with Content tells a Content is a collection of Content spins an old idea and offers a new useful, and meaningful. It solves a problem in a profound way. to something current, newsworthy, or trending. real, personal story and/or shares a case part of person's intimate world other popular way of looking at it. content. or identity. study. HOW TO HIT THE GOAL: HOW TO HIT THE GOAL: HOW TO HIT THE GOAL: HOW TO HIT THE GOAL: HOW TO HIT THE GOAL: HOW TO HIT THE GOAL: Make a Give the reader a way to see themselves in the content. Let Make sure there is a moral. Real Life examples and stories only matter if they share an insight or message. complete collection and/or unique collection. Curate Don't reiterate old ideas. Find a Be extremely detailed. Shallow educational Don't reiterate surprising, unique, or interesting way the news. Find a way to connect the news to the Don't small lists that have been the reader pieces miss the client's industry. identify with the content. to show old ideas, mark. repeatedly done. SPRINKLE IN EMOTIONAL APPEALS TO ADD INTEREST HUMOR FEAR APPRECIATION SHOCKED SADNESS ANNOYANCE DISGUST Make the Reader Feel Make the Make the Reader Make the Make the Make the Reader Sentimental Make the Reader Reader Scared Reader Fall in Love Reader Your Laugh Amazed Repulsed Frustration CONFIRM THAT THE IDEA HAS AT LEAST ONE VALUE It Fulfills a Need It Fulfills a Want It Offers Enjoyment The content is interesting, valuable, and unique. The content provides something the reader will be happy to find. The content solves a problem. Deliver the Ideas to a Happy Client Brought to you by: D COPYPRESS !!! :0

How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client

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Developing fresh ideas a client will love is as easy as following these steps.




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