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How Content Transforms Salespeople

A LOOK AT HOW CONTENT CAN SALESPEOPLE TRANSFORM Salespeople have an identity problem. But with the right content, even the worst sales stereotypes become things of the past. Let's see how. TRUST ISSUES The role of sales is changing, but consumers still find it difficult to trust sales reps. 92% of people don't trust companies who cold call.' 92% USED CARS A NEW SALES PROCESS 57% Technology has also made it easier for prospects to do their own research. CEB found that 57% of a purchase decision is made before the buyer even talks to the company.? CONTENT HELPS SALES REPS CONNECT Sales representatives need more than good phone skills these days. The best reps are thought leaders, industry experts, and knowledgeable resources. Great content marketing equips salespeople to take on these roles. Take a look at the new, content-driven you. CONTENT KEY: O Webinar E-Book E Blog Post DVideo D Case Study A TEACHER Content helps you educate prospects on both your industry and their profession. This type of relationship makes you an undeniable asset. CONTENT ADVANTAGE: MAKE THEM THINK DIFFERENTLY Educational content pushes prospects to think differently about their business, including ways they could be more effective. It also shows that you have a deep understanding of their position or industry. STAY TOP OF MIND By sharing valuable content with prospects, they'll think of you-and your company-as a go-to source for helpful information. INSIDER TIP: Take advantage of every email. Relevant, educational content gives you an excuse to stay in touch or re-engage cold leads. CONTENT: A PROBLEM SOLVER Modern businesses face many challenges. Providing content that focuses on solving pain points makes you a trusted resource for prospects. CONTENT ADVANTAGE: GET ALL THE FACTS Establish yourself as a resource, and prospects will be honest about their challenges. The more you understand, the easier it is to share content that addresses pain points and proves value. GAIN THEIR TRUST Proving you can help people solve their problems will quickly gain the trust of any prospect. INSIDER TIP: Share content that addresses specific pain points raised during conversations with CONTENT: prospects. Show that you're paying attention to their needs. A COACH As the best-selling book The Challenger Sale notes, the sales rep who pushes buyers to think differently, educates buyers with new insights, and tailors conversations to their needs consistently outperforms the others. CONTENT ADVANTAGE: SHAPE THE CONVERSATION Provide content and insights that challenge your prospects to push themselves and their business forward. TAILOR THE DEAL Identify your prospects' strengths, weak- nesses, and the results that matter to them. Use this information to tailor your content and conversations to these topics. CONTENT: INSIDER TIP: Track digital behavior, including content consumed. Reach out with information on similar topics that helps them understand how your product supports their needs. I A THOUGHT LEADER If you are consistently posting some of the best content in your industry, you'll be seen as a well-known personality and expert in your field. CONTENT ADVANTAGE: CREDIBILITY As a thought leader, the positive perception of your authority and expertise reinforces trust in your company and the products or services you sell. ENHANCE YOUR STANDING If your company is producing quality content, it helps build your reputation as the industry leader over your competi- tors. INSIDER TIP: Subscribe to your company's blog. You'll stay updated on news and insights, and can share thought-provoking content in a timely way-before your competitors do. CONTENT: MA PARTNER Finally, if you use content to understand challenges, solve problems, and tailor conversations, prospects will view you as a partner in their success. CONTENT ADVANTAGE: ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP Sales is about establishing relationships with your prospects and helping them succeed. Content is a great way to get there. CLOSE THE DEAL Incorporating content into your sales strategy moves prospects closer to purchase. INSIDER TIP: Participate in online conversations with your buyers. These are real opportunities for organically sharing content and strengthening relationships. CONTENT: START CONNECTING WITH CONTENT !! * kapost alefirce SOURCES: ' P

How Content Transforms Salespeople

shared by MattWesson on Nov 10
In this infographic, and Kapost have teamed up to explain how content helps sales teams build relationships that lead to revenue.





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