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How To Clean Your Central AC Condenser Unit Coil

8 Steps To Clean Your Central AC Condenser Unit Coil GREEN LEA AIR Soup 2 - Remove the main Step 1- Set the thermosta power sitch Remove the m ain poer Swch, which is located of Belore proceedng, nake sure the thermastat is turmee "of. inside the naster switch parel of your unt. Sap a- Rerove he dirt. debris & st Szep 4 - Raneve me top part Typically, the top portion is held with hex head belts and screws. Bur be caretul because You can now start by enoving the debris and overgrom lwn dippings hom the o pert of he unit the tan motor is attached to the Iop of the unit Step 5- Ciean the bonon Using a shep vecuum, you can When you are done cieaning norcas clean the bottom. Clean all the dit. leaves & deod grass. Be curside. You can do this by usinga caretul when you vacULm the crud of of these fins. Step 6- Clean the fies with a col cleaner the fins. you need to clean the good coll cleanet. Just spray and wipe of Step 7- Work the fins with Step 8- Reassenble the unit a cooling tin comb By Lsing a cooling in Conb, you can work the fins. Caretuly clean and traighren up the tins if they when you are done wth the clearing, reassenble the unk Tightly screw the part and make sure nething is lefi eut of the unit. are bent.

How To Clean Your Central AC Condenser Unit Coil

shared by KopernikasGreen on Jan 15
Whether you realize or not, the most important part of AC maintenance & repair is the maintenance part, especially keeping the components clean. This includes the condenser coil that people often forg...


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