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How to Choose Your Logo Colors

How to Choose Your Brand Colors Picking Colors for your logo is not just an artistic decision based on preference 80% of people think co lor increases trandrecognition Different colors elicit different psycholog ical responses Here's what the different colors mean: love Red creates urgency evokes strong emotions passion Fritolay NETFLIX Coca-Cola Goud fun! increases passion encour ages appetite O danger excitement nature conservation Green used for relaxation luck WHOLE FOODS HPLANET COFF wealth money envy friendly confidence Blue good for call to actions and attracing impulsive shoppers warmth Ford Allstate SAMSUNG enthusiasm excitement cheerful creativity wealth soothing creativity royalty Purple YAHOO! ftime HGTV mystery wisdom calming success love creates urgency evokes strong emotions passion Fania Orange THE SOUNDCLOUD DEPOT increases passion encour ages appetite danger excitement logic grabs attention warmth asso ciated with summen cheerfulness Yellow DHL cheer optimism confidence clarityo hospitality Color Preferences 3% 2% 2% 3% 5% 7% Overall Favorite colors 42% 8% 14% 14% 53% 47% of people prefer a primary color Primary vs Secondary Colors Gender Preference 14% 57% 35% 14% 23% 7% 9% 9% 19% 13% Women's Top Favorite Colors Men's Top Favorite Colors Pick logo colors that Fit your brand personality Appeal toyour target audience Are different than your compet itors Make sense for your product or service If you're going to combine colors Pick colors that workwell together, and find a balance. Most interior designers suggest a 60-30-10 rule for color combinations. The primary color of your logo should be 60% 30%. of the color s hould be the of the space and be the underlying theme of the design secondary color to create about of the accent contrast and visual color to provide that finaltouchof elegance interest Sources: se-fhe right-colors-foryour-brandhtmi https://assetsentrepreneurcom/stafic/1435336334Cdourfast-ThePsychologyBehindlLogoDesigns.jog?_ga-172775251.1913422771454968031 http:/ 21/a quide-tochoasing-calars-far-your-brand/,leadership-now/what-your-lagas-calar-says-about-your-company-infagraphic http/,COM438 preferances html ips/tip-01.html FreeLogoServices

How to Choose Your Logo Colors

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As a new business owner there will be endless decisions to be made – the most important of which will be your logo. This image consisting of fonts, graphics, and colors will be your brand identity. ...


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