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How can you make the most profit out of amazon

How Can You Make the Most Profit Out of Amazon? If you are an online entrepreneur with an eye towards e-commerce, it's almost professional suicide not to sell in Amazon as it is currently the world's largest online retail selling site with over 33% of its items sold by third party sellers. WHAT DO THE STATS SAY? There are 2 MILLION amazon Amazon Marketplace sellers (as of January, 2014). has 244 MILLION active users (as of May, 2014). ---- There are 2 BILLION products purchased from Amazon Marketplace Sellers. amazon Feedvisor and Web Retailer surveyed over 200 SELLERS sellers and found out that 4X as many sellers make a million in sales on Amazon than on eBay. Amazon has sent packages 185 COUNTRIES products purchased from Amazon Marketplace Sellers. Amazon's net revenue was 88.99 BILLION U.S. dollars. That's up from 74.45 BILLION in 2013 and a total of 391.45 BILLION US dollars since 2004. TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL WITH AMAZON: FOLLOW THE RULES In any online business, keeping a flawless reputation is as important as your profit. Therefore getting banned from Amazon is a seriously bad idea. Get to know Amazon's rules in the Help section and play by it. FOLLOW THE RULES REGISTER AS A PROFESSIONAL SELLER You pay a monthly fee to become a pro seller, but this is outweighed by the benefits. Professional SELLER 7 You can apply to sell in restricted categories (Clothing, shoes, jewelry and Auto Accessories are just a few). 7 You don't get charged with 99¢ per sale. A You are allowed to create listings for products that are not currently being sold on Amazon. 7 You can be an Amazon Featured Merchant. BECOME AN AMAZON FEATURED MERCHANT All New (64) Used (0) Show ONew OFREE Super Saver Shipping offers only . Amazon features Always pay through's Shopping Cart or 1-Cick. Your purchase will be prot respond to requests to send funds via wire transfer. Lean more merchants that keep Featured Merchants (26 to 34 of 34 offers sorted by : Price + Shipping) excellent feedback and Price + Shipping Condition Seller Information consistent sales. $129.00 New Featured Merchant 1 +796 shipping Rating in 4 positive o (4573 rotings.) 10514 ifetime rating Shipping: In Steck. Espedted shipp stipping anailable. See Shipsing Rat $132.00 45 shioping New Featured Merchant 2 Rating: k 98% positive o (8171 ratings.) 8316 lidetime raings Shipping: In Steck. Eipedted shipp stipping analable. See Shipsing Rat A featured merchant on Amazon is given higher visibility to potential buyers and they also have a chance to win the “Buy Box". According to Amazon over 78% of all sales are made through the buy box, so winning the buy box is crucial to your success. LET AMAZON FULFILL PRODUCTS FOR YOU 4 Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a program whereby you send all of your merchandise into Amazon and when it sells, Amazon ships it for FULFILLMENT by amazon you. Amazon also handles the customer service, communications and returns and refunds. Sending EShipment With FBA, your customers will also have access to Prime Membership benefits like 2-day shipping. Prime buyers also buy a lot more. your 5 DETERMINE WHAT YOUR MARGINS ARE This is absolutely critical and can't be over-emphasized. Don't get too excited to lower your prices to attract buyers because you have fees to cover. Margin MC M+ According to the survey conducted by Feedvisor and Web Retailer, 55% OF THE ONLINE SELLERS they interviewed have a profit margin above 20% and 6% of them are lucky enough to have margins over 50%. FeedVisor Aim for a profit margin of at least 30% of your listing price. Web Retailer for enine markatpiace alin 6. KEEP A POSITIVE |CUSTOMER FEEDBACK SCORE The magic number with Amazon is 95%. If you fall below that you automatically lose your featured seller status and your account is in danger of being cancelled. So take the extra mile to make sure your customers are satisfied all the time. Describe your products accurately, answer customer queries promptly, label and pack your shipments carefully, etc. FEEDBACK 7 USE ONLINE TOOLS FOR MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS There are many 3rd party tools and software services that can take your Amazon business to the next level. They can help you find new products to sell, manage inventory, get more customer reviews, launch products, track your Amazon SEO, and a lot more. new DID YOU KNOW? smart search by A lot of people are looking for things to buy in Amazon that it's starting to become its own search engine. In fact, Google amazon A arch mare al once. has said that their #1 competitor is Amazon (not Facebook). seller on Amazon, you may want to look for ways to improve your visibility within Amazon's search results. So if you're a ar ei e IM meem iraps aa set GET A MAJOR ADVANTAGE OVER YOUR COMPETITORS WITH AMZSHARK AMZShark is a seller's toolkit that provides vital information for anyone who wants to make informed decisions for their business in Amazon. One of Amzshark's most powerful features is its ability to show how your product or any product ranks for any keywords. So when you tweak the way you list your items, you can see how those tweaks affected your rankings in the Amazon product listings AMZSHARK 6 OFFERS UNIQUE FEATURES NICHE SCOUT A detailed report for any keyword or niche that outlines all the key performance indicators you need to know in order to find a profitable product to sell. KEYWORD EXPLORER This tool allows you to type in one word and get hundreds of keyword and product ideas that you can use for PPC, product research, and listing SEO. SEARCH RANKINGS See how yours or any product ranks for any keywords so you can make the necessary tweaks to climb the Amazon ranks. SALES TRACKER You'll know how many products are selling per day for any product you choose. It lets you track by country, for data in any marketplace. SUPER URL GENERATOR This feature creates URLS that boost your product ranking. This is a very useful tool for launching new products because when someone buys from your Super URL, Amazon will increase your rank for the keyword of your choice. REVIEW ALERTS Get notified when a negative (or positive) review comes in so you can address the customer right away, get important feedback, and uphold your positive Seller Reputation. Start Selling More Now If you're not selling on Amazon already, now you know why you should be. Visit to learn more. SOURCES [1] [2] www. [3] [4] amazon-rank-tracker [5]ızsharks-product-spy-tool-reviewed-amazon- data-market-research [6] -75% SALE 目 :

How can you make the most profit out of amazon

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If you are an online entrepreneur with an eye towards e-commerce, it’s almost professional suicide not to sell in Amazon as it is currently the world’s largest online retail selling site with over...


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