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How to Build Your Brand Online: Simpson's Edition

How to He EDITION Barld Your Brand Onkne If you build your beand onling; Build Awaroness E Reputation GAIN LOYALTY Customers will koep COMing back even When there ar8 no bribes (promotions) Growing Business & Revonue is going to depend on the online brand you create. GET TO KNOW WHO'S IN YOUR AUDIENCE Knowing your customer base makes it easier to indentify why you're relevant for them. LISTEN MAKE NOTES ON YOUR DEMOGRAPHICS How do they spend their time online? *Who they are. *Where they live *Their income level *Boxers or Briefs (kiding) Whaf are the keywords people search for your service or producf? PLAY TO YOUR AUDIENCE AsK WHAT THEY WANT FREE D.IY. TIPS AND IMPROVEMENT BE THE ALLSTAR SUGGESTIONS ARE ALWAYS A HIT *How ou YU MAKE THEIR WIRLD *WHAT DO THEY LIKE? A LITNE MURE ELMIYARLE? *WHAT IS THE STANDARD THEY EXPECT? *WHAT PRIBLEMS DO WHAT DO THEY EXPECT FROM YOU? YINI SOLVE FIR THEM? CONSISTENT MESSAGING CONSISTENT BRANDS are worth up to 20% more than those who aren't Make Your Presense in Online Media BRANDS THAT SHOW UP REGULARLY APPEAR MORE DOMINANT AND RELIABLE BEER KUSTY BUREER WHEN THEY CAN RECALL YOUR BRAND CONSISTENTLY THEY WILL MAKE YOUR THEIR FIRST CHOICE WHEN IT IS BUYING TIME BE THE GO TO BRAND STRENGTH IN NUMBERS WORK WITH OTHER BRANDS FOR EVERYDAY MAIL WE USE [email protected] BUT FOR NEW CLIENTS AND INQUIRES WE USE INFO@BROKENBOXCULTURE WITH BACKLINKS TO YOUR WEBSITE TO ENHANCE YOUR GOOGLE PAGE RANKI AN EMAIL ACCOUBNT THAT USES GMAIL OR YAHOO AS A PROVIDER LACKS THE PROFESSIONALISM OF USING YOUR DOMIAN NAME ELLO SOCIAL MEDIA Asx QUESTIONS ŞOME OF THE BEŞT SOCIAL MEDIA SITES FOR YOUR BUSINESS: *GET YOUR AUDIENCE INVOLVED *ALLOW FOR FEEDBACK *LINKEDİN *GOOGLE PLUS *FACEBOOK *TWITTER *INSTAGRAM Mark Zuckarberg Mark Zuckerberg IS IN INTENSE PAIN! Nelson Muntz HAW-HAW! Lisa Simpson SORRY. YOUR AUDIENCE Neary 70% of adults in the LS "rarely or never use he phone book accoraing toa recent survey conduciea by Farris Interactive 60% nstead, most of them (60° use the Internet to find contact information Number of online buvers in the United States trom 2010 to 2016 200 2010 201 2012 2013 2014 2015 206 BROKENBONCULTURE.COM SOURCES: Ho://keepuDPourow com/4-simple-steps-to-building-your-br .com/01/2012/smallbizlady-qa-how-to-build-apowerful-online-brand/ -brandonline/ brand-building/ LIVE YO UR BRAND Online Buyers im)

How to Build Your Brand Online: Simpson's Edition

shared by BrokenBoxCulture on Nov 11
A long time Simpson's fan and a former Oregonian with a love for marketing makes me believe the Simpson's have some of the best branding ever.


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