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How to Build an Effective Shopping Cart for Your eCommerce Site

HOW TO BUILD AN EFFECTIVE SHOPPING CART FOR YOUR E-COMMERCE SITE 68.81% The average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate Reasons for cart abandonment during checkout Extra costs too high 61% (shipping, tax, fees) The site wanted me 35% to create an account Too long/complicated checkout process 27% I couldn't see/calculate total order cost up-front 24% Website had 22% errors/crashed I didn't trust the site with my credit 18% card information Delivery was too slow 16% Returns policy wasn't satisfactory 10% There weren't enough 8% payment methods The credit card was 5% declined %24 2$ %24 24 %24 24 2$ $260 BILLION %24 2$ 24 2$ 2$ 2$ %24 Are recoverable through 2$ %24 24 %24 24 24 checkout optimizations 24 x 1,000,000,000 The average large e-commerce site can gain a 35.26% increase in conversion rate by way of better checkout flow and design. This data depicts more than 6,000 manually reviewed checkout elements summarized across 18 themes. •• Each dot in the scatterplot represents a major e-commerce site. POOR ACCEPTABLE GOOD AVERAGE Shopping cart and "added to cart" behavior Account selection 00 and creation Customer and address information Gifting flow and features Shipping and store pickup Payment flow and 2$ methods (incl. 3rd party) 2:00 Credit card form Order review Order confirmation and e-mail Page design User attention and interactions Cross-sells 7 Form design and features Validation errors and data persistence Address validators Field labels and microcopy Field design and features Default values and autocompletion HOLD ON TO THOSE CARTS WITH IMPROVED CHECKOUT DESIGN 35% Average conversion rate increase from better checkout design > Simplify brovwsing features The checkout page should be a purchase finalization center Content-heavy checkout pages Left-hand menus Search bars DISTRACT CUSTOMERS from making a purchase. Avoid using: Product category Latest product filters feeds Direct user attention toward completing the purchase TEESTORE + Offer a simple and |Shopping Bag distraction-free interface $20 + Use white space $24 + Create a clear and focused layout Total (USD) $44.00 + Offer a "return to shopping" option CHECKOUT > Show the multi-step process 2$ Checking out is a multi-step process Keep users informed about: EYESHOP + What step they're on 1 Delivery and Pickup Options + How many steps it takes to complete the process $38.00 Let users know that they can modify or cancel the order at any point during the checkout process. continue 2 Shipping Address 3 Payment 4 Account + Assure the user that any Order Total $38.00 mistake can be corrected without restarting the process. > Include back buttons Before directing users to the payment page, provide a summary of the order Have a clear Back button MER CA DO EE Back to cart + Users like knowing they can go back and modify the data they entered if necessary. A SECURE CHECKOUT v SIGN IN Avoid the use of pop-up v SHIPPING ADDRESS windows and error messages. + Use a session data storage system to store entered data so users don't have to re-enter it if they leave the page and V NOTES Total return later. > Don't force users to register Never require users to Give users the option to register during the checkout process create an account before they can shop Registered users Guest user Provide two purchasing options Some users dislike the Checkout registration process. Sign in OR continue as a guest below Being a guest user gives them less to fill out and Shipping address can improve customer experience. > Make it easy to modify the order Allow customer to correct SHOES JUICE P and modify an order in the middle of the Continue Shopping checkout process. $99.00 Edit Delete Provide a Delete link $99.00 next to each item. Total $273.00 Edit Delete Checkout Provide a Continue Shopping button somewhere close to $75.00 Edit Delete the order information. Improving the checkout process makes for a better user experience and increases the likelihood that your customers will follow through with a purchase. SOURCES: Brought to you by: In partnership with: SUREPAYROLL A Paychex® Company GHERGICH&Co. %24

How to Build an Effective Shopping Cart for Your eCommerce Site

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The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is over 68%. Check out the infographic below to learn more ways to optimize your site and increase conversion rates.


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