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How Big is the Canton Fair

How Big is the Canton Fair? The China Import and Export Fair, more commonly known as The Canton Fair, has been having bi-annual sessions since 1957. It is the biggest and most famous trade fair in Asia. Over the years it has become the Chinese window of international trade to the world. Just as China has continued growing and developing, so has the Canton Fair continued upgrading and becoming ever more impressive. ny 267,889 150,000 Total Number of Attendees to the 110th Session Number of Tourists in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI 209,175 Number of buyers 64.4% 1 Regular Buyers or 134,635 2 New BuyerS 1.6% 34% Others or 70,596 27,565 Have attended the fair more than 15 times EXHIBITORS BUSINESS TYPE Research Institutes 3 12,125 Manufacturers Other 209 9,091 Industrial and Trading Enterprises Foreign Trade Enterprises 2,274 OWNERSHIP Collective 313 Private 15,253 Enterprises Other 1,871- State Foreign Funded Owned 2,078 4,187 If the Canton Fair were a country, $11.867 Billion the sales turnover in 2011 for its 2 sessions would be nearly the size of the annual GDP of DRP Congo Total Turnover 2011 381,000 m? 374.631 %3D Total Area of Pazhou Complex Number of Soccer Fields That Could Fit in the Complex Area If it takes 1 DAY to set up a booth at the fair It would take 67.3 YEARS to set up all the booths in the 110th session WAL MART Products Types Available at the Fair Products Types Available at Walmart Superstore 150,000 140,000 VISITOR DATA Visitors by Region Asian 54.2% European 20.5% American 15% African 7.1% Oceania 3.2% Of the 250 World Retail Enterprises 104 Were Represented at the Canton Fair 1,825 International Chain Enterprises Represented by 4,423 Procurement Staff MARKETING 997,000 Invitations 56 Investment Promotion 700,000 Promotional Materials The + 23,000 Press Releases 1,720,056 Vienna Enough marketing material for nearly every resident of Vienna, Austria Austria IPR 653 Number of Cases Breakdown of Complaint Type Patent 834 Enterprise 2Trade Mark O 74% 17% Copyright 455 Filed Enterprises China SE) Performance Group This Infographic is brought to you by China Performance Group China Sourcing Since 1978 Sources: | | |

How Big is the Canton Fair

shared by Bukco13 on Apr 17
How long would it take you to set up all the stands at the Canton Fair? How many soccer fields can fit into the grounds? Just how big IS the Canton Fair? This infographic hopes to answer those questio...


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