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How to be more Productive at Work

Open Colleges HOW TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE SCHEDULE AT WORK Although there never seem to be enough hours in a day, the right productivity tools time it takes to complete some tasks in half. Whether you're looking for a better way to track your team's progress and share updates, prioritise important tasks, or take control of your inbox once and for all, this list has something that will meet your needs. cut the WORKPLACE PRODUCTIVITY TIPS, APPS & TOOLS H Dropbox Harvest LastPass Magic Wand Handheld Scanner Dropbox allows you to store your files in the cloud and access them from multiple computers or mobile devices, Harvest is a great tool for tracking timesheets, logging expenses, or creating and sending invoices. Receipts can be stored digitally to save space, you can track which expenses LastPass is the perfect solution for forgotten passwords. It remembers your passwords and usernames for you, The Magic Wand is a highly portable scanner that can capture high-quality scans of photos, text, patterns, and just about anything else. Just press the button and slide it across collaborate with team and generates more secure password suggestions to make members, and share folders or files that would be too large to send by email. have been paid and which need to be invoiced, and you whatever you want to scan and you'll immediately have a high-resolution image that is ready to transfer to your desktop. your accounts safer. can set up recurring invoices or online payments. White Noise YouMail iDoneThis Boomerang for Gmail White Noice can help you to focus on the task at hand by masking unwanted disturbances or ambient noises. It generates a wide range of frequencies and includes sounds like running YouMail can make you more efficient by transcribing voicemails and sending them to you by email or text message. It also blocks unwanted calls, greets callers by name for a more personalised experience, and sends a text message to let iDoneThis makes it simple to Boomerang for Gmail prevents important emails from falling through the cracks. You can keep track of what employees are doing, even if the team is spread out over multiple locations worldwide. It allows each team write an email now and have it sent out later, schedule reminders for later in the week, member to report their progress water, crashing waves, a clothes dryer and wind blowing. at the end of the day, and the next morning everyone on the team receives a digest that keeps or receive notifications to follow up on emails if you haven't heard anything back callers know when you'll be able to get back to them. everyone in the loop. within a certain timeframe. 88 Mozy Toggl Basecamp Bring TIM With Toggl, you can see exactly how long each task actually takes and helps set more realistic goals and deadlines in the future. Your Toggl homepage tells you which tasks you've completed and how long Have you ever wondered how much money is wasted during pointless or drawn out meetings? Bring TIM is a time management clock that gives you visual proof that time is money. Once you hit start, it will start calculating how much money is being Losing work or data due a Basecamp is a project system failure is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. Mozy is low cost, compatible with both Mac and Windows, backs up all management tool that allows you to ask questions or discuss ideas with other members of your data to an offsite location - enabling you to access your files on the go through any of your mobile devices. your team, upload files to specific projects, and receive a Daily Recap email that tells you what updates have been made to your projects and tasks. you spent on each one. spent during your meeting in terms of salary dollars. Task 4 Paused stop 1234 Go The button from the rigl can start, sto and reset th timer from t active task Stop can choose the ive task here Priority Matrix Limiter Scan-biz cards Swiftkey Although most things that used to be done on paper have now Swiftkey adapts to your writing habits over time, and eventually, the app will be able to accurately guess what words you want to use and fill them in for you, thus saving you valuable time and Priority Matrix helps you Google Desktop's Limiter app is a great way to track tasks prioritise tasks based on their level of urgency. You can and set deadlines for certain gone digital, business cards are still going strong. Scan-biz cards lets you use your Smartphone's separate tasks into four categories, which makes it easier for you to get to the most important things first and delegate the less important or items on your to-do list. It can also give you a good idea of how much of your work day is actually spent working, and how much is spent camera to scan the business card through the application, and the making the process of mobile messaging hassle-free. information is then transferred very urgent tasks. surfing the web. directly to your list of contacts. Nance Dragon Dictate Dragon Dictate Scoop Wireless Presenter Mail Tracker Pushover This gadget doesn't come cheap, Pushover is an app for The Scoop Wireless Presenter is an in-air mouse for Have you ever sent an important email and then spent hours but it's a great timesaver. Dragon Dictate uses speech recognition technology, and can compile your Smartphone, tablet or desktop that will bring all your notifications together in just one place. It also has a "Do not disturb" feature, which allows USB-compatible devices with a built-in laser pointer. It's easy wondering if the recipient actually read it or if it ended up in their spam folder? Mail Tracker sends you real-time notifications to let you know when your email has been read, where, with written documents, launch software applications, organise to use in an open space without a hard surface, and doesn't even spreadsheets, send emails and record high quality audio that you can refer back to later. have to be pointed directly at the device you are controlling. you to set certain times when you'd rather not receive any what device, and how many notifications. times it was viewed. Open Colleges Australia's leading online educator Call: 1300 409 227 IIII IIIIIK

How to be more Productive at Work

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Struggling to get things done? With these apps you can be more productive at work: from organising your time more efficiently to coordinate tasks with the rest of the team.


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