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How to avoid getting Zapped! by trade show electrical services

How to avoid getting ZAPPED!< by trade show electrical services Use L.E.D lights in your booth - over all they require about 1/20 the power of halogen bulbs. Provide your own cube taps and power strips - so you don't have to rent them at the show. Order electrical services before the discount pricing deadline! 1 LED: 0.18 amps $24 $14 25-33% 1 Halogen: 1.5 amps Average Savings (varies from city to city) UNDERSTAND AMPS & WATTS volts are like the water pressure amps are like the amount of water are like the watts amount of work the water does Arm yourself with a clear understanding of these basic electrical terms and how they relate to the amount of electricity ordered for a trade show booth space. amps (the amount of electricity used) X volts (the pressure/ force of the electricy) watts (the measure of work the elctricty does per second) 5 amps: The industry standard minimum amount of electricity one can order for 120 Volts in a booth space. ORDERING THE RIGHT AMOUNT Plan out all of the electrical elements BOOTH PLANNING # OF AMPS that will be needed at your booth. DEVICE How many and what kind of lights will be used? SUE'S LAPTOP 1.5 JACK'S LAPTOP How many laptops, PC's, monitors, POS systems étc.? 2.6 50' FLATSCREEN TV 15 10 SPOTLIGHTS Add up all the required amps needed and order outlets in the largest amount, rather than multiple smaller amounts. DEMO-PC 1.6 2 LEAD RETRIEVALS 5 COFFEE MAKER 4.1 TIP: It's less expensive to order one 20 Amp outlet than two 10 Amp outlets, so plan to run extension cords to cut costs! MINI FRIDGE 34.8 TOTAL AMPS NEEDED I/DROOBJ1007CA9320 SNID: 93100199493 ercury Dispose according to local state and federal law TIP: Find the amp/volt output level requirements on the device - these are typically near the electrical cord on most devices. Gatew Model No. : HO2201 Input: 100-240V NOM »C€ KO FC 50 / 60 Hz 1.SA(1.5A) | DON'T FORGET TO PLOT THE ELECTRICAL DROPS! Booth# B1547 (10 19' - 0" 15' - 4" outdoor walk way to hall "C" Booth#B1655 Booth# B1553 3' - 10" 2' - 9" 0" One of the most common reasons for additional expenses on the show floor happens because electrical drop positions were given incorrectly and a call back needs to be scheduled with the Electrician's Union! Plan accordingly, or consult with your exhibit house to ensure everything looks correct beforehand. TS CREW AD Your Best Choice for Trade Show & Event Labor CERTIFIED SAVE MONEY

How to avoid getting Zapped! by trade show electrical services

shared by TSCREW on Jun 10
Here are some ways to ensure that you don't get shocked by your trade show booth’s electrical service bill.



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