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How to Avoid Bad Dates with Bad Leads

HOW TO AVOID BAD DATES WITH BAD LEADS Selling is a lot like dating. It's all about finding someone who matches your criteria and might be interested in starting a relationship. As any seasoned sales or marketing professional can tell you, it's not always easy. There are plenty of leads out there that make terrible dates. They may show up late, they may never want to pay, or maybe they aren't even interested in you. Whatever the case, we've identified a list of some of these bad dates below and ways you can avoid them. TYPES OF BAD SALES DATES THE BUSY ONE HOW COMMON: HOW EASY TO FIX: TRAITS The busy one has definite commitment issues. It seems like they can never be tied down for even the simplest phone call, and they will often make excuses to avoid you. You might feel like the two of you hit it off and have similar goals, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't get them to move things forward. HOW TO FIX It is relatively easy to fix the busy one, although it requires some persistence. I i important to touch base with them often and stay top of mind. It can help to identify the areas in which the two of you are a good match and how starting a relationship could benefit you both. THE PLAYER HOW COMMON: HOW EASY TO FIX: TRAITS The player is all too common as more and more companies compete for your leads' attention. The player will often explore multiple options before settling down in a relationship. Expect to be compared to similar options and have to compete for the right to start your relationship. HOW TO FIX The player is easy enough to cure with proper preparation and self-awareness. It is important to ask questions and determine exactly what it is they are looking for. Once you find out what they're after, it is just a matter of positioning your products and services as the clear choice for fulfilling their needs. THE UNINTERESTED HOW COMMON: HOW EASY TO FIX: TRAITS Every now and then, you'll run into the uninterested one. This prospect just isn't ready for your product or service and is impossible to get to commit. They could be a terrific match for your company, but just aren't far enough in the sales cycle to make any serious considerations. HOW TO FIX Fixing an uninterested prospect is a simple process. You can simply assign that prospect to a drip email campaign and slowly nurture them to a sales-ready state with relevant content and resources, all done automatically with no effort from you. When they do decide they are ready, you'll be the first one they think of. THE CHEAPSKATE HOW COMMON: HOW EASY TO FIX: TRAITS The cheapskate can be one of the most aggravating leads you find. No matter how many discounts, upgrades, or other promotions they're offered, the cheapskate will keep insisting on more until they've exhausted all your resources. The cheapskate can be very time and resource intensive if you aren't properly prepared. HOW TO FIX The cheapskate is one of the most difficult leads to fix. They are extremely manipulative, and will take advantage of you if you are not careful. It is important to draw the line at what you can provide and stay firm. Make sure any concession or favor you offer is balanced out by a concession from the lead. IT'S TIME TO BE PICKY GRADE BASED ON FIT Find out how compatible you are with a lead before you even pick up the phone. Let marketing automation grade each lead on how well they fit your criteria for the perfect match. SCORE BASED ON ACTIVITY SCORE 97 Understand where your leads are in the buying cycle by scoring them based on their activity, and customize scoring models based on your sales cycle and industry. 97/100 For more tips on improving your sales and marketing, visit HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY FROM ALL OF US HERE AT PARDOT! an Exact

How to Avoid Bad Dates with Bad Leads

shared by Pardot on Feb 14
We’ve created a list of some bad leads in the infographic below to help you learn how to identify these potential bad dates early and turn them into relationship material. So put aside your flowers,...




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