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How the agile office improves employee engagement

HOW THE AGILE OFFICE IMPROVES EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Office Principles has been designing workplaces for over 25 years. In this infographic we will discuss how an agile workplace design is linked to employee engagement and productivity. We will also look at what key benefits you can gain from implementing an agile office design. KEY FACTORS OF AN AGILE OFFICE COLLABORATION PRODUCTIVITY SATISFACTION SOCIAL FREEDOM PERFORMANCE INNOVATION PERCENTAGE OF EMPLOYEES WHO I WITH CHOICE RANK EACH FACTOR HIGHLY I WITHOUT CHOICE CHOICE DRIVES PERFORMANCE 76% 71% 60% 60% 50% 52% EMPLOYERS WHO PROVIDE A SPECTRUM OF CHOICE FOR WHEN AND WHERE TO WORK ARE SEEN AS MORE INNOVATIVE AND HAVE HIGHER-PERFORMANCE STAFF. EMPLOYERS WHO OFFER CHOICE REPORT THAT WORKERS ARE 12 PERCENT MORE SATISFIED AND EFFECTIVE IN THEIR JOB ROLES. JOB JOB WORKPLACE PERFORMANCE SATISFACTION SATISFACTION CHANCE ENCOUNTERS CHANCE ENCOUNTERS MAKE PEOPLE MORE PRODUCTIVE 35% BY PROMOTING SPONTANEOUS CREATIVE BRAINSTORMING. MIT RESEARCHERS WERE ABLE TO PREDICT 35 PERCENT OF A TEAM'S PERFORMANCE BY MEASURING THE NUMBER OF QUALITY FACE-TO-FACE INTERACTIONS BETWEEN TEAM МЕMBERS. INNOVATIVE 64% SHORTER DECISION MAKING TIME TECHNOLOGY 59% FOCUS ON CHANGE INNOVATIVE TECH AND FURNITURE STIMULATES MOBILITY AND LEARNING. COMPANIES THAT PROVIDE THE RIGHT SPACE AND TOOLS FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES CAN CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT THAT PROMOTES AUTONOMY AND ENGAGEMENT. EMPLOYEES ARE ABLE TO LEARN NEW SKILLS AND MAKE MEANINGFUL DECISIONS TO MAXIMISE THEIR JOB PERFORMANCE. 69 PERCENT OF EMPLOYEES REPORT THAT INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY ENHANCES PRODUCTIVITY ON THE JOB. POORLY DESIGNED OFFICE SPACE Some businesses try to make savings by cutting space-per-person to reduce costs on design without considering the implications for their employees and productivity. These types of offices are filled with disengaged and uninspired workers. BAD DESIGNS COST UK £135 BUSINESSES UP TO £!35 BILLIONA YEAR BILLION 46% OF EMPLOYEES SUFFER FROM 'DESK DESPAIR' AND SAY THAT THEIR OFFICE IS GLOOMY OR DEPRESSING. EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY 20% DECREASES BY UP TO 20% 84% OF EMPLOYEES SAY THEIR SURROUNDINGS HAVE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON JOB SATISFACTION AND MOTIVATION ONLY 20 OF EMPLOYEES 20% HAVE THEIR BEST IDEAS WHILE AT THEIR DESKS BENEFITS OF AGILE WORKING Investing in an agile office design should not be underestimated. Your workplace environment can directly affect the success of your business! We know that innovative thinking is fostered by a well-designed environment, but what are the many other benefits of a good workplace design? INCREASED 44% 38% MORE EFFICIENT 29% FASTER PROJECT COMPLETION PROFITABLE BUSINESS CHANGES BUSINESS RESULTS INCREASED 27% 25% SAVINGS TO ΕMPLOYΕ BUSINESS COST SATISFACTION At Office Principles, we see agile working as a fundamental building block on which companies can design tailored solutions to mirror their own work processes and business goals. Having a balanced workplace that supports both focused and collaborative work has been proven to score higher on measures of innovation, performance, satisfaction and productivity. [email protected] office principles total business interiors +44 (0) 0118 911 5929 Copyright e 2015 Office Principles LLP Evidence is taken from Genslers and MIT workforce surveys conducted in 2013-2014 in f 8*

How the agile office improves employee engagement

shared by OfficePrinciples on Jun 11
Office Principles has been designing workplaces for over 25 years. This infographic initially published on HRreview, was created to show how an agile workplace design is linked to improving employee e...



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