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How to Achieve Accurate Cost Planning and Forecasting in the Contracting Industry EQUE HOW TO ACHIEVE ACCURATE COST PLANNING AND FORECASTING IN THE CONTRACTING INDUSTRY Discover why your company's data is essential for your construction cost planning and financial management. Keeping strict control of cash flow while ensuring accurate construction cost planning and forecasting is essential for small-medium businesses (SMES), like yours, especially in the construction sector where profit margins are tight. At the heart of retaining and maximising control over your construction cost planning is... YOUR DATA. TOP THREE REASONS WHY YOUR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY NEEDS THE RIGHT DATA. YOU YOU YOU can plan for business, material and supply chains more accurately, thereby protecting your profit margins more successfully. can review mistakes and can forecast accurately with the right data, improving construction cost planning, scaling and assigning resources as well as fit your projects around material supply and demand more efficiently. successes of past projects at a glance, enabling you to bring lessons learned to future projects. THE 2014 IDG/SAGE 'IMPACT OF DATA EFFECTIVENESS' study reveals how companies who effectively harness and exploit data can boost efficiency, productivity and profitability: 35% 20% The percentage of growth experienced by companies with more effective data. Improvement in revenue experienced by companies who have more intelligent data. 4 TIMES Companies with better intelligence are more likely to optimise inventory levels. Companies with more usable data increase productivity by I 0% How do construction-specific SMES ensure they have the right processes in place to guarantee accurate and actionable data? AFTER ALL, BASIC SPREADSHEETS JUST DON'T CUT IT….. 46% of spreadsheet users claim their methodologies can make project bidding difficult. 88%. of spreadsheets contain errors. INSTEAD, YOU NEED TO GET THE BALANCE RIGHT... DEPLOY THE SOURCE THE RIGHT GET THE RIGHT SOFTWARE EMPLOYEE INPUT RIGHT RESULT FOLLOW THESE STEPS FOR ACCURACY Use construction-specific software that plugs directly into your pre-existing mainstream accountancy software. Enable in-office and on-site staff/contractors to update critical data directly into the software for accurate reporting, accessible from wherever they are. Combine your approach to create the optimum platform for accruing quality data that is accurate and viewable in a moment, not weeks after a construction job is complete. YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM: NO DOWNTIME NO WASTAGE NO ERRORS You will work with targeted, transparent and accurate data, improving your construction cost planning and forecasting. TAKEAWAYS: Construction-specific software makes creating, maintaining and viewing relevant data highly efficient. Archaic software systems Data is king in the construction sector; without accurate data, SMES can be left crippled. The right data strategy boosts productivity, efficiency and transparency. that revolve around spreadsheets are a dead end and must be replaced. Discover more about how data can protect profit margins with Eque2's free eGuide: EQUE2 AVOID PROJECT DEBT BY USING ACCURATE DATA AVOID PROJECT DEBT BY USING ACCURATE DATA Fach construction project comes complete with a large amount of data - and keeping a cloar viow of it is the key to financial success. DOWNLOAD NOW ||

How to Achieve Accurate Cost Planning and Forecasting in the Contracting Industry

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Safeguard the future of your company and its profit margins by deploying a software-based construction data management strategy – or risk being left behind by competitors. Discover why your company�...


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