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Holiday Marketing Tips, Pointers & Best Practices

HOLIDAY MARKETING BEST PRACTICES TIPS POINTERS PROMO CAMPAIGN PLANNER HOLIDAYS, EVENTS, CELEBRATIONS & SEASONS FOR THE REST OF 2012 MARKETING THEME NEW SEASON OBSERUED HOLIDAY SPECIAL OCCASION CELEBRATORY HOLIDAY Back to School London Summer Olympics post-Holiday Sales New Year's Day 1st 1st - 12th Friendship Day MLK Jr. Day 21t 5th AUG JAN '13 2012 |OCT 31* - Halloween AON ост 24th - United Nations Day 16th - National Bosses Day 26 - Cyber Mondlay 23d - Black Friday 22nd - Thanksgivino gin - Columbus Day 12th - Veteran's Day Breast Cancer Awareness Month 6th - Election Day 1st - All Saint's Day Holiday Shopping Begins MLS MLB OFL NHL ПВА MAR - OCT APR - OCT SEP - FEB SEP - APR OCT - APR PREPARE YOUR MARKETING CAMPAIGN SCHEDULE FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON I Increase your campaign frequency during the three weeks prior to a holiday. PRE-HOLIDAY HOLIDAY POST- HOLIDAY Try increasing your frequency during the 3 weeks prior to the holiday. Don't forget to follow up with any post-holiday sale emails and/or offers! Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Holiday Week 6 Week 7 TOP THREE HOLIDAY OFFER CAMPAIGNS FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING BUY MORE SAUE MORE POST HOLIDAY SALE TOP DAYS FOR HOLIDAY SALES CONUERSIONS $$$$ $$ $$ $$$$ 23% BLACK FRIDAY (DAY AFTER THANKSGIUING) $$ $$$ $$$$$$$$$S $$$$$$$$$$ 17% NOVEMBER 28TH 17% NOVEMBER 30TH 17% DECEMBER 6TH S$$ $$ 16% $$$ $$$ CYBER MONDAY (MONDAY AFTER THANKSGIUING) $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ 18% DECEMBER 18TH GOSSIP • GOSSIP • GOSSIP WORD-OF-MOUTH IS THE TOP WAY TO GET YOUR BRAND & PRODUCT OFFERINGS NOTICED! 31% 8% 25% 26% 10% 31% - WORD OF MOUTH 25% - ONLINE ADUERTISING * TOP MARKETING TACTIC 18% - ONLINE COUPONS 26% - SOCIAL MEDIA 8% - EMAIL MARKETING SHOPPERS WANT DEALS, DEALS, & MORE DEALS! CONSUMER TAKE - WHAT WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR WHEN MUNZIXI SHOPPING ONLINE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON? 42% SALES & PRICE DISCOUNTS 8% |6% 30% QUICH & EASY CHECHOUT PROCESS E CONSUMER 14% QUALITY MERCHANDISE TAKE 8% HASSLE-FREE RETURN POLICY 6% %8€ HELPFUL CUSTOMER SERUICE REACH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE TEST • TEST • TEST SEGMENT • SEGMENT • SEGMENT TORN BETWEEN TWO ADS? TEST THEM BOTH! SOME THINGS TO TEST: SEGMENT THESE SITE VISITORS & GET THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR MARKETING BUCH: - HEADLINE TEXT: ENGAGED NON-PURCHASERS: Try creating a headline with all capital letters to catch the attention of your audience. Shoppers who have visited your site two or more times in the past - BACKGROUND COLOR: Try varying your background colors based on the season and/or your brand colors. - CART ABANDONERS: Shoppers who have placed items in their cart, but never check out - BUTTON SIZE AND COLOR: LOYALTY SHOPPERS: Make sure your button size is big enough to easily click on and the color attracts buyers' eyes. Shoppers who frequently purchase from your site - NEW CUSTOMERS: - PERSONALIZATION: Shoppers who are first time visitors A simple message that says "VWelcome Back!" or "Thanks Loyal Shopper!" can go a long way for your customers. - HIGH VALUE SHOPPERS: Shoppers who spend above a certain dollar amount every month OFFER OR INCENTIVE: Differ your offers to see which one shoppers prefer. We suggest Free Shipping vs. 10% Off. 5 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR HOLIDAY MARKETING EFFORTS НАРРY HOLIDAYS NEWSLETTER SALE HOLIDAY DEALS GIFT BUNDLING GREETING CARDS UOLUNTEER NEWSLETTERS THE HOLIDAYS ARE A BUNDLE SIMILAR USE THE HOLIDAYS AS A THIS IS ALWAYS A CONSUMERS WILL BE GREAT TIME TO TAKE COMPLIMENTARY CHANCE TO SEND YOUR GREAT WAY FOR YOUR SURFING THE WEB MONEY OFF A PRODUCT PRODUCTS TOGETHER TO CUSTOMERS AN ECARD BUSINESS TO SHOW ITS LOOKING FOR GIFT IDEAS OR SERUICE! MAKE PRODUCT GIFT OR EMAIL LETTING SUPPORT IN THE COM- OR SPECIAL DEALS, USE BASKETS SO SHOPPERS THEM KПOW НOW MUNITY AS WELL AS TO A NEWSLETTER TO SHARE FEEL LIKE THEY ARE MUCH YOU APPRECIATE MARKET YOUR BRAND. YOUR PRODUCT GETTING MORE FOR THEIR BUSINESS. OFFERINGS, HOLIDAY PROMOS, AND/OR GIFT IDEAS! THEIR MONEY. S STEELHOUSE SteelHouse is an eCommerce marketing company that specializes in Behavioral Commerce. Learn more at Sources: SteelHouse's Behavioral Commerce Platform, Media Post, Amazon, NRF's 2011 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey. Fall Savings Specials 3rd - Labor Day gih - Grandparents D 11h - Patriots Day d. Day of Peace 42% 21* - Intl., | 220 - Autumn SEP 314 - New Year's Eve 26th - 1ª - Kwanzaa 25th - Christmas 21* - First Day of Winten gth - 16th - Hanukkah sesesesesseseses Gifts, Gifts, Gifts! sesSusesss

Holiday Marketing Tips, Pointers & Best Practices

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Don’t let the holidays pass you by! Prepare your holiday marketing campaigns ahead of time with SteelHouse’s latest infographic. Discover what the top days are for holiday sales conversions, the ...




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