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HiWAY Flow-Channel Hydraulic Fracturing Service

HIWAY Flow-Channel Hydraulic Fracturing Service Since 2010, the HIWAY* flow-channel hydraulic fracturing service has helped operators increase production while using less water and proppant. The first technique of its kind, the HiWAY fracturing service creates stable channels within the fractures-decoupling fracture conductivity from the proppant pack. This results in infinite fracture conductivity. "Petrohawk has converted 100% of frac services provided by Schlumberger in the Eagle Ford to the HIWAY technique." Dick Stoneburner, C00 and President, Petrohawk Conventional hydraulic fracturing Conventional hydraulic fracturing methods rely on larger proppant sizes and resin coating to improve conductivity. HIWAY flow-channel fracturing The HIWAY service uses specialized blending equipment and control sys- tems to pump proppant in pulses- creating stable, infinite-conductivity flow channels within the fractures. PRODUCTION The average HIWAY channel frac- turing job increases production by more than 20%. +20% INCREASE PROPPANT On average, the HIWAY service helps operators use 40% less proppant per job. +40% DECREASE WATER Compared to slickwater treatments, the HIWAY service uses up to 60% less water. +60% DECREASE Canada Russia US Algeria India Egypt Mexico Oman Saudi Arabia Argentina 5,000+ stages 40+ 10 10 countries + customers 294 77 956 190 9. 85 -89 3,433 Distribution of US HIWAY stages by state Since its inception, HIWAY fracturing has conserved: 250,000,000 gallons of water 1,700+ 2 households" It 6,000,000 barrels annual water usage Since 2010, HİWAY fracturing has saved: Enough to fill 3,400 railroad cars 180 Boeing 747 interiors* 35 Big Bens (Clock Tower) 5 Washington Monuments 1 RMS Titanic of the following: 340,000 tons of proppant any 5,783,619 ft³ 5x 35x 1x 180x Washington Monument Big Ben 164,200 ft Boeing 747-400 interior RMS Titanic 4,632,800 ft³ 1,077,630 ft³ 31,285 ft3 3,400 railroad cars 2 A train more than 30 miles in length The implementation of the HIWAY service has prevented: 6,000,000 pounds e Co, emissions equivalent to: of CO, emissons 70,000 planted seedlings Carbon sequestered after 10 years 580 acres of forest' Carbon sequestered annually More than 33,000 road journeys 340 homes' electricity' Annual usage 70,000 2 Trees lining Manhattan, New York, streets To date, the HIWAY service has prevented over 200 screenouts. HIWAY Fracturing Conventional Fracturing 99.96% proppant placement rate 95-97% proppant placement rate Unprecedented in the industry Industrywide average 1 screenout 1 screenout every 2,500 jobs every 25 jobs In a recent Eagle Ford case study... The HIWAY service - increased 60-day cumulative oil production 43% - increased 60-day cumulative gas production 61% 1 saved 5 million gallons of water Eagle Ford Shale Play South Texas, USA per well - reduced proppant consumption by 1.3 million pounds per well. Z1 43% CUMULATIVE CONDENSATE PRODUCTION 18,555 bbl 26,535 bbl CONVENTIONAL HİWAY SERVICE 58% FRACTURING FLUID USAGE 207,103 bbl 87,500 bbl CONVENTIONAL HIWAY SERVICE 35% PROPPANT USAGE 3,709 lbm 2,395 lbm CONVENTIONAL HIWAY SERVICE Learn more at Schlumberger Source: EPA Source: Boeing $Source: City of New York Parks and Recreation *Mark of Schlumberger Other company, product, and service names are the properties of their respective owners. Copyright © 2012 Schlumberger. All rights reserved. 12-ST-0035

HiWAY Flow-Channel Hydraulic Fracturing Service

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Schlumberger decided to produce a graphic explaining the benefits of its HiWAY product.


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