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The History of Retail in 100 objects

(intel HISTORY RETAIL 40,000 years ago CAVE PAINTINGS Cove paintings show that people in that time period planed out hunts. hod a sense of self image and self-importance. communicated o the beginnings ofa mythology. OBJECTS t concepts, had ANIMAL SKIN CAVE MAN VIII millennium BC ORIGINS OF AGRICULTURE The main odvantage of agriculture, is that it allows to grow food while you stay in a permanent ploce. Together with ivestock agriculture mokes hunting unnecessary. That allowed the appearance of permanent setlements. 1454: PRINTING PRESS The invention of the printing press allowed the common masses to interpret the Bible themselves, leading to the Reformation. Likewise by being able to of letters, books and bulletins, many more people become aware of everything politic ory and more, much more quickly create multiple copies NEOLITHIC T MARKET SHELF exploratory BALANCE SCALES CUNEIFORM TABLET ABACUS 1880: LIGHTING BULB Thomas Edison produced a 16-wott lightbulb that lasts IS00 hours OPEN INSTORE GRAPHIC EARLY TRADING ROYAL EXCHANGE LEDGER RIALTO SIGNAGE FOIRE ST GERMAIN, PARIS BRIDGE MIRROR GREEK AGORA COIN COWRIE SHELL PAPER MONEY GALLERIA EMANUELLE (MILAN, 1877) RETAIL ADVERTISING TUBE SODA FOUNTAIN PNEUMAIA CATALOGUE DENIM REFRIGERATION ELEVATOR SYSTEM DOOR BELL DISPLAY WINDOW SEWING MACHINE PRICE TAG CHALKBOARD GAS LIGHT DEPARTMENT STORE POCKET BALANCE GALARIES DE BOIS CHAIN STORE TELEPHONE MANNEQUIN CASH REGISTER VENDING MACHINE RECEIPT COUPONING / VISUAL SEARS CATALOGUE BOTTLE MERCHANDISING CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP SELFRIDGESALLEN LAVATORY NEON LIGHTING SHOPPING BAG FLOAT XVIII & XIX CENTURY WRENCH PLASTIC PACKAGING GLASS CLOTHES AIR CONDITIONING HANGER SUPERMARKET ESCALATOR 000 CALCULATOR DELIVERY VAN 1814: LOCOMOTIVE George Stephenson w the inventor of the first commercially successful locomotive, and is considered the "Father of Roilways SHOPPING CENTRE CONVEYOR CHECK BELT OUT AEROPLANE TANNOY KVASS BARREL AVOSKA SHOPING BAG PRICE GUN DENNISON SHOPPING TROLLEY FORKLIFT TRUCK SHIPPING CONTAINER SOUTHDALE TETRA PAK BAR CODE CREDIT CARD SHANNON AIRPORT HIGH STREET (BOOK B E ERIC RAVILIOUS 1938) COMPUTER DISCOUNT STORE TUPPERWARE Ссту SPECIALITY STORE MRICHARDS PALLET FLOURESCENT TUBE RATION BOOK ATM MACHINE ALUMINIUM CASH AND CAN BUBBLE WRAP CARRY HYPERMARKET RETAIL BRAND 1969: MOON LANDING XX & XXI CENTURY EAS SECURITY MICROPROCESSOR SYSTEM The Spoce Race sparked unprecedented increases in spending on education and pure research which acceleroted scientific (INTEL CHIP) RFID THE FUTURE: BIOTECH Modern biotechnology will provide breakthrough products and technologies to combat diseases feed the hungry, and heve saf cleaner and more et industrial manufacturing processes PLANOGRAM LASTEGAS LEARNING'S FROM LAS VEGAS ROBERT VENTURI (1977) spin-off technologies SMARTPHONE 1981: PC LAUNCHED BY IBM QR CODE CHIP AND PIN INTERNET TELEVISION IN STORE THE FUTURE ISHOP LOYALTY CARD featuring intel 8088 processor. THE IRA KRURM HOLOSTORES INTELLIGENT BIG DATA SENTIENT STORES DRONES TRANSPAK PERSONAL 3D PRINTING SHELVES SMART CLOTHING PERSONAL FLEXIBLE AUGMENTED VIEWER wwW.RETAIL100OBJECTS.COM (intel) THE STOR WPP THE WPP OLOBAL

The History of Retail in 100 objects

shared by Sergio Fernandez on Jul 15
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Inspired by The British Museum’s, “History of the World in 100 Objects”, we have set out to define the key objects which overtime have had a profound impact on the development of Retail, society...




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