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History of the Logo Design

LOGO HISTORY Throughout history people have wanted to identify objects with their creators and their origins. A mark, a symbol, a color, a word, a logo or a logotype did this quite well. Logos have evolved in their look, complexity and usage over time but still achieve their original goal, creating ownership. Let's take a look back at logo history to where the idea started and how far we have come. 300AD Examples of stamping objects to identify them appeared as early as 300 AD in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Those marks were used on weapons, 3000BS Cylinder seals were invented around 3000 BC in the Near East. They were impressions made on clay tablets, bricks, and cloth. decorative items, housewares and bricks. Most often it was a line of letters, sometimes in a circle or a crescent. 800AD Marks mostly served as signatures in medieval Europe. Secret societies like masons tended to develop their own system of marks that served as their own symbols. 1000AD A coat of arms was being used to identify the wearer in medieval Europe. It is a custom design on a shield, escutcheon, surcoat, or tabard that is unique to an individual person, family state. Watermarks were first introduced in Italy in 1282 and were made by impressing a water-coated metal stamp onto to paper. Watermarks were used by paper makers to identify their products. 1282 1760 With the Industrial Revolution, trademark usage changed completely. When mass production began the need for visual recognition appeared. Trademarks of that time looked like images with text. -1941 Bass This mark was in a script font that was customized 1870 for has gone CocaCola through a few transitions The current era of logo design began in the 1870s with the first abstract logo, the Bass red triangle. The Bass Red Triangle was the first trademark to be registered under the UK's Trade Mark Registration Act 1875. over time but is still used in this wayto help capture the nostalgia of a simpler time. NIKE 1971 Nike created one of the largest 1976 - consumer brands with it's introduction of the swoosh. This is unique because it is a mark that has become recognizable because of it's success in advertising. The original Apple logo started as a rainbow and has now The swoosh embodies the idea of their evolved into the monochromatic dimensional chrome logo we see today. Apple had successfully created a brand that is recognized by a mark only. It is a nod back to the early marks with it's simplicity and clarity crossing language and brand which is modern, forward thinking and fast. They are able to use the mark with the name or without. It means the same. cultural barriers. SOURCES ereatage

History of the Logo Design

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Logos have evolved in their look and over time but still achieve their goal by creating ownership.




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