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History of Job Scheduling

1990 2000 2010 2020 A BRIEF HISTORY OF JOB SCHEDULING 92 10 15 Mid-range 86 Event driven scheduling replaces Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are important to many organizations Self Service interface for business users introduced on the web The hoverboard is Standard IT professional ensemble 01 becomes static time and date based events Wikipedia is created. finally invented increasingly JS important to the enterprise (AS400, VMS) and mobile devices 96. OCTOBER NOVEMBER by BMC Software 0. CTM JS CTM WH C WH & WH C PM 18 Humans destroy Skynet PM and retake the world from the terminator machines OH Eheyclopodiae Timeline Key WH C BMC Control-M History '11 Job Scheduling History Microsoft Windows becomes a key platform in the data center Control-M adds cloud and World History virtualization 87 09 Workload increases dramatically and Control-M begins its life support 0. as a mainframe solution Some distributed time to get work machines (UNIX) JS CTM done shrinks become important to the enterprise JS CTM 6. JS UNIX WORK CONTROL '19 Godzilla attacks!!! 85 02 05 Not a lot of work Number of applications Standard IT professional ensemble to be scheduled continues to grow NASA launches the first 81 and lots of time space shuttle to do it (businesses JS : 96. The Hubble Space Telescope 88 WH C JS not online, open only from 9am-5pm) Standard IT professional ensemble WH C is put into operation. '10 *** Discipline is now called Workload Automation 12 Number of applications continues to grow WH O TIME JS WORK WH C WH G SLAS in solution introduce path to business alignment JS WA 70. Agentless solution is WORKLOAD AUTOMATION CTM now possible CTM ... O Job Scheduling History Control-M History 1980 2020 World History 70. Control-M adds file 12 transfer (FTP) and Standard IT SOA support professional '87 66. WH G Static time and date based Y2k bug causes CTM ensamble events come on the scene '10 panic 98. Mobile devices are Information Technology is not thought of highly in the organization 93 Number of applications starts growing Policy driven workload man- 11 used by both casual and WH C ОСТОВER agement is the CTM only way to keep up Pac-Man released 80 WORK JS JS JS power users JS ... . ....... SQ#* IT! : PM E-commerce WH C PM is the norm 70. JS : Key platforms used in the data center are supported CADD TO CARTD 66. BMC Control-M 8 released 91 Control-M becomes first Control-M now offers robust '12 enterprise-wide job scheduling More work to get CTM database element support done, but still time 80 solution CONT 82 to do it A need arises for mainframe scheduling 03 Architecture / product design shift allows for the next set of features and SEE THE FUTURE OF Z6. 60. 82 Michael Jackson releases 88 Discipline is JS 05 Future day view is born "Thriller," pop music is born TIME now called upgrades to be introduced CTMH ALERT CTM CTM WORKLOAD AUTOMATION Job Scheduling Manharo WORK Tomarrows Jeb Ferecast JS WH & CTM JS ...--- HELLO my name is CTM 12 00 Peak Workflow S JOBS BEST THING EVER! BMC CONTROL-M 8 check out 1980 1990 2000 2010 © Copyright 2012 BMC Software, Inc. All rights reserved

History of Job Scheduling

shared by timweakland on Dec 03
BMC approached Sincerely Truman about creating a timeline that showed both the history of Job Scheduling and their part in the process.




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