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The History of Infographics

ALES CORN INDUSTRY AND C The history of Infographics 33% How far the price of soda I ha goner dow te paayars 1,200 calories of POTATO CHIPS Local 87s calo SODA 1. TAKE ACTION EMAND A BETTER FOOD SYSTEM AT TAKEPA culture information Service, Time F (12 Food inc. Food & Water - --- - The first infographic was created as early as 7500 BCE from an ancient map at the Neolithic site That's nearly 5000 years before Çatalhöyük the great pyramids were built. Between the years of 125 2011 and 2013, 110 100 an average of 110 new 75 infographics 50 were created and published for the world 25 to see every day. 2011 2012 2013 In one study, the average infographic pulled in an average of 875 backlinks spread over an average of 79 unique 1 10 domains. A Scottish man named William Playfair invented the line, bar, circle, and pie graphs 15 12 %23 -3 What would infographics be without these guys? between 1786 and 1801. Infographics as we know them today were Total Sales by Month in Year 1 first used in the 1970s as a more effective way to present data in a Jan 'Feb' MarApr 'May'Jun ' Jul 'Aug'SepOct 'Nov'Dec Sales more understandable way. Infographic designed and created by:*/http:/l/ AudienceBE m e-for-content-marketing-0123653 Domains Backlinks

The History of Infographics

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Infographics have established their place in the Internet marketing community as an effective tool for building brand awareness, authority, and media buzz. But infographics have been around much longe...


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